The Paint Brush That Just Wanted to Help

By: Eric Dean


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  • Kanika G writes:
    “This is a nice story. That is why I like it. Read it again mama.” says my daughter. Well written story.

    Eli Biebers writes:
    This is an awesome, engaging kids’ book with a great message and adorable illustrations. A wonderful introduction to the idea of being included.

    Porter Freelow writes:
    These tools appear to be telekinetic. I like that.

    VIKAS GARG writes:
    Story is very good and colors used are catchy too for kids… But story was too narrative for my 1st grader .. More graphics and pages with one liner must have been excellent.. Please keep the good work flowing

    Savio writes:
    I learnt that we have our own jobs to do.

    Charlotte Tan writes:
    It is good. It teach me how to be patience.


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