Santa in Summer

santa in the summerSanta in Summer – Have you ever wondered what does Santa do on his time off? Read this book to find out. A cute picture book describing what Santa might do in Summer for young children.

By: Jay Schleifer, Debbie Hefke




Text and Images from Santa in Summer

Did you ever wonder what Santa does in the summer?
We know what he does in the winter.

Santa in SummerHe brings toys to girls and boys.

Santa in Summer




But what about when the weather is fine
and the sun is … HOT!

Santa in SummerDoes he still wear that thick red suit?

<end of sample>

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Comments 13

  • i like this book because is it fun


  • I like this book because it is very interesting . I especially like Santa Claus. He is fat and short with a big white beard. He is kind and nice. He always loves to help people by giving them gifts.

  • yes i liked it and why because i just about winter not about summer

  • it’s good but i wish it would of been about what he does on summer spring

  • yes. very enjoyable.

  • Meredith writes:
    Very funnny

    Josie writes:
    it’s very interesting story.

    leah bennett writes:
    that was really good

    Gary Nowak writes:
    This book was delightful and I cannot wait to read it to my grandkids. Thank you very much!

    Liberty writes:
    We loved this book….

    alanis writes:
    i liked the way it ended

    hussain writes:
    my kid laughed so hard she almost cried!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Amy writes:
    I never thought what Santa does in summer.It’s really interesting.

    Aniyah mummfort writes:
    i like the book its nice but the illustrations are a little off because how would you know if Santa Clause was at the beach or berry picking please answer that

    kierra redd writes:
    i love this book i can read this every day

  • archie writes:
    I liked this book because it was cool because it had Santa in the story. It was a very cool book. Thank you whoever wrote it.

    Alex writes:
    This a super book!

    cici robinson writes:
    I like this book because it is funny

    Miqwon writes:
    Glad we know what Santa might be doing this summer. Hope we see him at the beach!

    June writes:
    Children will love it about k-1

    Will (7 years old) writes:
    This is a great book and very funny. I think this book is very good.

    Naiteek Jain writes:
    i like the work of santa because he works even in the summers for others besides enjoying his life.Then in the winter he comes with lots of gifts for the children and spent his time with them.

  • slater writes:
    it was a exiting werd and wacky

    Egle writes:
    I like’d this book and engoy ir a lot Keep it up

    abdulwahab writes:
    this book was the amazing ever in the books that i read.

    Datia Fogleman writes:
    The book was funny in some parts and I think winter is Santa’s favorite time of the year.

    yaretzi writes:
    i like it becuse its so fuuny

    soumil kapoor writes:
    it is a very interesting book about what santa does in the summer season . a good illustrated book for childrens

    Carolina writes:
    The pictures are very fun.

    sam writes:
    i like that book alot cause YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT SANTA DOES IN THE SUMMER

  • Claire Lyon writes:
    It was great and I really liked it and I really liked that it was about Santa. -Claire Age: 5 (typed by her mommy Leah)

    Zach writes:
    cool story thank you

    Rita writes:
    The book was fantaic because we were able to think about what Santa dose in summer. Great read.

    Alex writes:
    Cool book

    Jack writes:
    It’s so funny!

    thomas writes:
    I recommend this to people that are going to the beach on the weekend.

    Georgia writes:
    a funny part of the book. Was when he was burried in the sand.

    alexis revis. writes:
    i like this book because we are figer outing what santa does in the sumer. and when thay tride to find santa at sumer camp.ho ho ho.mariey chrismas ho ho hooooo.and have a nice day.

  • Nimisha writes:
    it was a nice book and the topic was very interesting that’s why i like this book

    Tanisha writes:
    it was good enough for little kids but it is good for learning.

    Briana writes:
    I love it cant wait for winter

    Shannon writes:
    My daughter loved it!

    Victoria writes:
    I loved this book so much

  • Drew writes:
    I liked this book because, of the part about Santa grilling

    Deborah Barrett writes:
    It is a funny book.

    DANIEL writes:
    its so crazy but also funny

    kristen writes:

    Isaiah Coates writes:
    I like this book a lot because it talks about Santa and what he would do in the summer because nobody knows what he would do in the summer.