The Argument

the argumentThe Argument – Max relays to Sarah a story, he claims to have overheard the Sun, Wind and Rain arguing one day, and that argument involved not only who was most important in the process of growing plants, but also in growing his little sister who happened to get in their way. As the elements argue over who is the most powerful, they become confused in their roles and each thinks they are the one who made the little sister sprout. Sarah laughs at his story as she picks up her umbrella to leave, but as the wind howls and the rain taunts, she begins to wonder if he might be telling the truth after all.

By: Annie Harmon


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Comments 1

  • Dr S Drecker writes:
    Lovely! First, (because this simply has to be said) the artwork is gorgeous. The drawings are done with so much love that it can’t help but spill over. This alone makes the book definitely worth a read. I especially enjoyed the ease with which Annie incorporates different races. As to the story – wonderful. The sun, the rain and the wind argue with each other – which one is more powerful? Well, they want to find out. As the argument continues, a little girl, Emma, involuntarily gets pulled into the middle of it. And this is when readers start to notice that something about the logic behind the argument isn’t quite right. Yep, kids will notice it and start to think, and then a smile will grow on their faces as they realize how silly the argument really is. At least, that’s what my kids did.

    Juliana Edwards writes:
    My daughter loves this book. it’s now one of her favorite books to read. She also thinks the argument is silly.