tale in orange

Tale in Orange – Marianna loves orange color -and everything with orange color (oranges, carrots etc)- and with a magic turn of events she finds herself in Portokalia. A strange land where pianos write fairy tales, the houses have no roofs and you may drink as much orange juice as you like. She will make …

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travel with me in my dreams

Travel With Me In My Dreams – A sketchbook story about imagination and travel. Also available in epub at the authors website. This book will surely open up young children’s imagination, As this book take them along to explore new imaginary places. By: Dave Marquesen Text and Images from Travel With Me In My Dreams I’m Mattie …

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a record year for rain fall

A Record Year for Rainfall – A sketchbook made into a story featuring some nice items for geography and science lessons while reading. Author: Dave Marquesen       See more of these books below