billy bogglesworth and the road to muffinville and other stories

Billy Bogglesworth and the Road to Muffinville and Other Stories – A collection of wacky tales written in fun rhyming prose, with great colourful illustrations and tongue twisting names. By: David Whitney     Sample from Billy Bogglesworth and the Road to Muffinville One fine morning, at a quarter to two, The sun came up on …

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world famous nursery rhymes volume 3

A compilation of beautifully illustrated traditional and classic english nursery rhymes, the third book in the world famous nursery rhymes in the series. Compiled by David Whitney     Read along with the video here: Read by Kiwi Opa   See more of these books below    

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world famous nursery rhymes volume 2

A large and beautifully illustrated collection of well known nursery rhymes in English, great for toddlers learning to speak. By: David Whitney     Text and Images from World Famous Nursery Rhymes – Volume 2   Hush-a-Bye, Baby Hush-a-bye, baby, on the tree-top, When the wind blows the cradle will rock; When the bough breaks the cradle will fall, …

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world famous nursery rhymes vol 1

World Famous Nursery Rhymes Volume 1 is a large and beautifully illustrated collection of familiar English nursery rhymes. It is the first in a collection of three provided by David Whitney. Nursery Rhymes are a great way for toddlers learning to speak and read, since their familiarity helps children recognise and guess words. The pattern of recognition …

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the hand book

This is not a handbook – it’s a hand book! A book about hands, perhaps it’s a handbook about hands? A fun and colourful rhyming book all about hands, great fun and nice bright illustrations. Perfect length for early readers. By: David Whitney     Sample Text and Images from The Hand Book: Just so everyone …

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