I can Paint!
I can paint a train.
A train in rain.
A train in Spain!

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Turtle Dove

Turtle Dove a lovely story about what a turtle dove can and cannot do. This simple early reader features a series of phrases with simple verbs and nouns related to a turtle dove’s activities. This book is rated as an English Level 1 story, suited for young early readers who want to learn how to …

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the big red balloon

The BIG Red Balloon Have you seen the BIG red balloon? Oh NO! Where could it be? Where is the beautiful big red balloon? This book is perfect for young readers and beginner English learners to improve their vocabulary and learn new words. The book provides a rhyming repetition of sentences then adds a new …

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Cuáles son los colores

¿Cuáles son los colores? is the spanish version of 7 Colours Of A Rainbow. In this picture book young children will learn the different colours of the rainbow and where these colours could be seen in everyday life. Perfect for young children to learn new words and name and identify colours. This is a Spanish Level …

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i like to read

I Like to Read – A short story about a boy who wants to read a book to someone but everyone is busy and unavailable, will he ever find a way to read? This is an English Level 1 Book brought to us by Story Weaver Pratham Books. I Like to Read is perfect for …

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Bo go up two letter stories

Bo Go Up is one in a series of a single letter, three letter, and, two letter stories from Bo Books. If you were learning to read a new language, you’d start with short words. When we teach children to read, we should do the same. Bo Books teaches children to read using short words …

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personalised boys stories - clark ness my name is in the story boys version

In the My Name is in the Story series, Clark Ness is back with these entertaining personalised early readers which can be – or ARE adapted to the child’s name! This collection is boys personalised stories, with the male pronoun, see also his collection for girls. Children love stories about themselves and they will enjoy …

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personalised girls stories - clark ness my name is in the story girls version

In the My Name Is In This Story Stories and eBooks series, Clark Ness is back with these entertaining early readers which can be – or ARE adapted to a child’s first name! Children love stories about themselves and they will enjoy reading these girls personalised stories and ebooks. Every collection featured (64 stories and 6 ebooks in total!) …

Clark Ness free Learning to Read resources

Clark Ness has an amazingly large set of learning to read books available. His site includes literally thousands of easy readers, phonics based readers, sight word books, and much, much more. This set here is just a sample of some of his work using the open dyslexic font. The set in this post contains the …

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ABC’s of Biodiversity is a truly amazing alphabet. With 260 images – 10 for each letter, each with a high quality photograph, but the amazing thing is what is featured for each letter. Older children learning to read will have fun both learning to sound out words that are unlikely to be familiar to most …

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