Free Kids Books’ Literacy Content

The following direct links are to our free literacy workbooks and editable files that are very useful for teaching and homeschool resources.


publicdomainChildren’s Books in Public Domain

This page contains classic free children’s books which are in the public domain. We’ve got hundreds of classics, from Peter Rabbit, and Aesop’s tales, to Moby Dick. Browse the stories, and download some great classic stories from the public domain.



All Seasions - Farsi Translation of Early Reader

Free Kids Books’ Foreign Language

This page contains all our foreign language children’s books, including bilingual and editable versions.



Free Kids Books Everything Else Pagemorefiles

This page contains files and worksheets and miscellaneous material aimed to assist with learning to read and write, to help all those on the journey to reading and writing fluently, including many editable files. This page also currently contains all our foreign language books.