घर – घर से दूर शरणार्थी Hindi Stories Home

Author: Fausto Aarya De Santis Illustrator: Ogin Nayam


Text and Images from घर – घर से दूर शरणार्थी 

अRमा नेबताया यह सीमा है, सरहद, इंसान क$ नदF अब उसेपार
कर गयी है। अRमा कहती ह”6क हम अब एक नए देश मह”। लेकन
यहाँतो सब कुछ पहलेजैसा ही है।

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घर – घर से दूर शरणार्थी English Version below:

Home is a poignant look at life for a little girl that ends up as a refugee. The little girl lives in a village with her family but one day armed men are on their way inbound and her and her mother are separated from her family and follow a river of people to a refugee camp. Life for the little girl goes on despite never seeing her home and family again.


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