Home – Poignant look at refugee status

Home is a poignant look at life for a little girl that ends up as a refugee. The little girl lives in a village with her family but one day armed men are on their way inbound and her and her mother are separated from her family and follow a river of people to a refugee camp. Life for the little girl goes on despite never seeing her home and family again.

Author: Fausto Aarya De Santis, Illustrator: Ogin Nayam

Sample Text from Home – Poignant look at refugee status

“Tip-top drip-drop,” I sing with the rain, jumping over puddles on my way home from school. The crinkly metal sheets covering the houses in our village sing along: “Tip-tip-drop drip-drip-top.”

I love the rain! But sometimes I completely disapprove of it. It’s not as bad as beetroot, but I get annoyed when the sky can’t decide if it’s happy or sad. “Again?” I complain to the clouds. Again, the clouds send down a neverending river of droplets.

Dada says our family has lived in this village, Feizung, since the grandparents of the great-grandparents of the great- great-grandparents of our great-great-great- grandparents! That is more than three hundred years.

We make scarves and shawls, each one special. But I love most the shawls that Dada makes. They are so big and soft—I sleep with one of his shawls curled under my arms.

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