Goat and Terror Birds

goat and terror birdsGoat and Terror Birds main character is a goat named Sir William of Yorkshire, or just William for short. William is an extraordinary goat with friends all over the globe. Ten year old Mac has just lost his mother and is living with his aunt and dippy cousin. His father is an international wildlife photographer and can’t be reached, leaving Mac feeling very alone.Mac’s father is chasing a mythological bird called The Terror Bird. Larger than an ostrich the natives report it is vicious and deadly. Mac’s aunt is about to loose her house if they don’t find Mac’s Dad. When Mac really needs help, William comes to the rescue, with a variety of colourful friends to solve Mac’s problem.

By: PJ Gilbers


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  • Sandra writes:
    I loved this book. The idea of a goat whose mission in life is to help children is wonderful. In this story Mac lives with his Aunt Maddy and cousin Suzie. His mom is dead, he’s being bullied, and his dad is off somewhere on one of his trips. His dad is in Patagonia looking for the rare Terror Bird. Think of the raptors from “Jurassic Park” with beaks and you get the idea…. There are so many lessons that can be learned from this story. At the same time kids will love the story of hope and the wonderful pictures within its pages.

    Rebecca writes:
    Goat and the Terror Birds is an imaginative work of fantasy that targets middle schoolers. In this beautifully illustrated book, that brings to mind Grimm’s Fairy Tales, real-life issues that children confront everyday are at the heart of the story. Bullying, death of a family member, and how to handle grief are themes prevalent in the story.

    Danielle (site editor) writes:
    Wonderful characters, and a good story- a delightful read, with a lovely writing style, and some lessons along the way.

    Akhila writes:
    I felt that the book was very enjoyable. It was also like small life lessons incorporated in each scene. I loved the plot. Very nice.

    Snehvyas writes:
    yo, this book is nice