Happy Maths Book 1

By: Mala Kumar, Angie and Upesh


Text and Images from Happy Maths Book 1

Join Sankhya and Ganith in their happy discoveries about mathematics.
Zzero and Eka are friends of Sankhya and Ganith.

In this book Sankhya and Ganith discover the magic of numbers. They think of numbers as their friends. They want to share some the things they have found out about numbers. They learnt about numbers from stories that they read in many books in their school library.

Grans of Rice

Acharya Vinoba Bhave was a freedom fighter. He followed the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi and lived between the years 1895 and 1892.

When he was a young boy in Maharashtra, his mother had made a vow of offering 10,000 grains of rice to God. She carefully counted 100 grains each day and offered it in prayer, reciting God’s name each time she made an offering.

Vinoba’s elder brother had an idea. He said, “mother why do you do this everyday? After counting 100 grains on one day, measure its weight. From the next day, you just have to weigh out an equal amount and offer it to God. This will save you time and effort.”

Vinoba said, ” I don’t think that would be right. When you count 100 grains of rice each day, you will repeat God’s name 100 times. But if you weigh out 100 grains, you would say God’s name only once!”

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