Lets Cook with Kids – Vamos a Cocinar con los Niños

Have fun cooking with your child with these simple yet delicious recipes. Find fun ways to make healthy food more delicious and appealing to kids. Find great snack ideas for lunches and parties or find healthy full meals for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and many fun yet healthy desserts, all packed full of fruit, vegetables, and healthy grains.

This book is available in English and Spanish for convenience of our many bilingual readers and can also help older children who take Spanish as a second language.

Cooking in the kitchen is a great way for the whole family to spend time together. Parents and grandparents can share new foods, encourage creativity, and practice patience. When kids help in the kitchen, they feel good about themselves. Read below to see how your child can help in the kitchen.

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Here’s some great basics from the book on getting kids involved:

SCRUB A-DUB-DUB: Teach kids to wash hands before and after preparing food. CLEANING MACHINE: Kids can wash vegetables and fruits.

BREAK IT UP: Kids can tear lettuce greens, snap green beans, and break cauliflower. MIX IT UP: Younger kids can mix ingredients, measure, and pour liquids.

PEEL & SLICE: Older kids can slice foods like bananas, cucumbers, boiled eggs, mushrooms, olives, and potatoes.

TWIST & SHOUT: Little tots can make music using a plastic bowl and wooden spoon while you cook.

SPRINKLE, SPRINKLE: Kids can sprinkle cheese, spices, and herbs onto the food.

MONSTER MASH: Kids can mash cooked beans, potatoes, and bananas.

CLEAN UP, CLEAN UP: Kids can help clean up the kitchen by wiping the counters, putting dishes in the sink, and putting ingredients away.

Involve your child in the kitchen as you prepare the recipes in this cookbook. The steps for children are in colored text for each recipe.


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