The Golden Balloon

By: Athanasia Gaitanidou

Text and Images from The Golden Balloon

– How pretty we are! Look at all these colours!!

– I heard we are going to be decorating the party of a boy.

– We’ll surely dazzle the children that will be there!

One of the balloons looked down and saw something that attracted everyone’s attention.

– Hey, who are you? shouted the balloon to what it could see but could not make out.

– I’m a balloon too! it said from where it was, lying on the floor.

It was really different from the rest of them; long in shape and very thin, with a colour unlike the others, that of almost gold. It was inflated and abandoned on the floor.

– Ha, ha! Listen guys, it’s a balloon! answered one of the tied balloons and the rest of them burst into laughter.

– And what kind of balloon are you, all long and thin like this? How will the kids hold you and play with you?

– But I…

– Surely, the clown that inflated us moments ago made a mistake and that’s why he abandoned you. You must be the only one in the world with such a shape. Tough luck kid…

The balloon became very sad. It coyly looked one more time at the balloons hanging directly above it and felt discontent. Why should it have been created so different from the others? It started thinking that it was really ugly as well. It is unfair it thought, being a balloon that didn’t have a nice colour and could not be used in anything… There must have been a mistake at the manufacturing plant.

– And what kind of colour is this? It’s the first time that we have seen such a colour, went on mocking the round

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