The Woodcutter of Gura – A folk tale from Ethiopia

The woodcutter of Gura set out to chop wood one day. He climbed up a tree, perched himself on a branch and began cutting. The village priest who was passing by warned him that if he cut the very branch he was sitting on, he would surely fall down and die. Find out what the woodcutter did in this hilarious tale from enchanting Ethiopia. The moral of the story was, “A fool always finds one still more foolish to admire him!”

Sample Text from The Woodcutter of Gura

One sunny morning, the woodcutter of Gura set out to get some firewood. He walked across the plain until he came to the great big olive tree by the river.
He climbed the tree and perched himself at the end of the largest branch. Then he made himself comfortable, swung his axe, and began to cut the branch on which he was sitting.
The village priest, who was passing by, looked up at the woodcutter and stopped to talk to him. “Brother, what are you doing?” he cried. “That’s no way to chop wood!”
“What other way is there?” answered the woodcutter. “If you want wood, you must lift your axe and keep going chop- chop-chop!”
“But you’re sitting at the end of the branch and chopping it in the middle! The branch will break, and when it does, you’ll fall down and die,” warned the priest.

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