Who is our Friend? A nature story for young children

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Text from Who is our Friend?

Can you guess who our best friend is?
He’s not like us at all.

Our best friend is Bird!

I am Rhino.
I get covered in fleas.

Bird eats them all up.

I am Crocodile.
I can’t brush my teeth.

Bird pecks them all clean.

I am Giraffe.
I can’t scratch my head.

Bird can reach just the right spot.

I am Zebra.
I can’t see things far away.

Bird has great eyes,
so when he’s watching I’m safe.

Bird might be different, but that’s no problem…

We don’t even mind when he sings!

Will you be my friend?

<End of Text from Who is our Friend?>

Read along with the video of Who is Our Friend, follow the text with the words, here:


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