7 Great Websites and Apps for Study To Prepare for Test

Technology has slowly invaded our daily life, leaving no space for pen-and-paper communication. Which is not bad. In fact, it is easier and quicker to write my essay online on a keyboard than on a piece of paper. Also, technology saves student’s time. Instead of countless numbers spent in a traditional library, you can prepare at home. Take online classes, read articles on credible websites, and be the smartest kid in the room. 

Now let’s dive into applications and websites that can improve your test preparation. 

A+ Spelling Test 

For those who have a hate-and-love relationship with Scrabble, this application is perfect. Aimed mostly at student users, this application has no teacher dashboard. Nonetheless, adding A+Spelling Test to your list of applications for studying and essay writing service reviews will save you a few sleepless nights. Other benefits of A+Spelling Test are:

  • User-friendly design. The application is intuitive to use, which makes it appropriate for all ages. 
  • A variety of levels. A+Spelling Test contains spelling lists divided in groups according to levels. You will find spelling lists for beginners, intermediate students, and advanced learners. 
  • Customer support. If an error happens, the user can easily contact the support team and solve the problem. 


Now, this program is one of the best apps for study ever invented. Knowt improves your cognitive skills by generating quiz questions of all types. Just download your class material, and the program will make a list of questions to improve your memory. 

  • Perfect for remembering facts and terms. Knowt might get confused with super-complicated information. Yet you should use the application for less-than-complex exercises. 
  • A variety of quizzes. Knowt generates all types of quizzes one can imagine. True-or-False, Numerical Answers, and Matching are the best error-free modes.
  • Teacher’s little helper. College instructors can use Knowt for generating tests and preparation quizzes. A great way to spark classroom conversation about artificial intelligence. 

Exam Countdown

This application is a number one technological trick to stay exam-updated. No overslept exams since now! With a few tips, keep calm and be your own manager: 

Exam schedule. Create a customizable exam schedule to stay on track. 

  • Color-coding. Use different colors for essay weeks, projects, and entrance exams.
  • Getting notifications. The application sends you notifications, so you can prepare for your exam in time.
  • User-friendly design. You do not have to be a technology genius to use the application.


Perfect for nature lovers, eco students, and social media addicts. One of the most unusual apps for study, Forest features a game-playing design. Remember Tamagotchi from your childhood? Now you have an idea of the application’s essence.

  • Focus. Forest encourages its users to plant trees in a gaming mode each time they need to stay focused. Well, cool, but what’s the gist? Each time you get distracted, your tree dies.
  • Timer. Set a time period when you need to work and stay focused. For instance, three hours. Hence, your tree will need three hours to grow while you are reaching your academic goals.
  • Cooperates with real eco organizations. The application developers partner with Trees for the Future. This particular organization plants real trees. Each time you earn a virtual coin by planting a virtual tree, the developers send real money to tree-planting organizations. 
  • No social media. Yes, online learning is amazing, but how many times did you get distracted by social media? Well, with Forest, this will no longer happen.

Global Online Test Preparation Platform

Now that’s a web developer’s imagination gone wild. Created as a separate platform for language exam preparation, GOTP is huge. In fact, the platform reminds you of a separate online school. Let’s check the amazing features the platform offers. 

  • A variety of language exams. With the platform, one gets tons of preparation materials for IELTS Academic, TOEFL, and many other language exams. 
  • Assess your knowledge. The platform offers tasks on writing and speaking. In turn, real teachers check and review them.
  • Live learning sessions. Like in real schools, you can enroll in live classes with a separate instructor. 
  • SpeakingLab. This is a special course which teaches you native-speaker pronunciation.
  • Test imitation. Like many other platforms and apps for study, GOTP creates preparation tests that follow the exact structure of the final test. In this way, you are emotionally prepared. No surprises since you already know what your final test will look like.  


Founded in 2014, this powerful platform ensures you pass all exams. The variety of courses to pass is stunning. UPSC Civil Services, SBI PO, SBI Clerk, and many others. Listed among the most useful platforms, Testbook mostly focuses on Indian students. However, the materials, which the platform suggests, can be easily used by students from other countries as well. For instance, courses like ‘Complete English for Banking’ are international.


The best platform for IT exam preparation. Unlike many other platforms and apps for study, this platform is not free. However, TestCollections are worth each dime they take. 

  • Packs, packs, packs. Preparation questions come in separate packs. Each pack costs $100. Meanwhile, the number of questions is between 60 and 270 in total. 
  • Timely update. The platform follows all changes that exam developers make. Later, TestCollections make free updates to enhance the efficiency of your exam. The free updates last for 3 months. On the good side, 3 months are enough to prepare for an average exam. So, there is a high chance that your preparation will not last long. 
  • Take your money. If there is evidence you have not passed your test, the company will give your money back.   

Final Thoughts

The perks of online learning are numerous. Find an exam preparation platform that suits your needs and download a ‘focus’ application like Forest. Congratulations! Now you can get the most efficient exam preparation help. We hope our article helped you to choose the best application and platform that fits. Good luck with your studies!


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