A House For A Mouse

By: Rebecca Westberg



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  • Danielle (site editor) writes:
    A very cute book, an entertaining story, well written and laid out, and some beautiful pictures.

    Kristina writes:
    My kids always make me read this one more than once.

    Connie Timpson writes:
    This story is delightful. It is filled with a message of acceptance, love, and the ability to tolerate our differences. The drawings are sweet and the story delicious! Every child should hear and read this. (Adults too)

    Timmy and Jimmy writes:
    We really like this book. We rate it a 10 out of 10. We like it that the mouse left a present for the people. We are ages 7 and 9.

    Anonymus writes:
    This is a sweet story. Great job with the writing and the illustrations.


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