A Student’s Guide to Choosing a Major: Sociology, History, or Economics?

Students often have multiple interests. Some even don’t know what kind of career is best for them. That’s why choosing what to specialize in is a big hassle for most students. Many colleges offer degree programs that allow students to create their major based on their preferences and future career plans.

Some of the best majors you can specialize in as a student include sociology, history, and economics. In this case, you need to consider what you are interested in and what you are good at.

Benefits of choosing sociology, history, and economics

What you will specialize in at college should undergo a higher level of scrutiny. In this case, you are narrowing down your research and concentrating on specific areas. A major in sociology will provide you with great knowledge and skills to help you adapt to the ongoing change. You will understand how social organizations work, social interactions, and how cultural diversity affects people’s behavior.

As a student intrigued by the past, consider studying history. History education increases your awareness about the world you live in. It takes a lot of effort to gain great transferable skills in this major at college. You will write a lot of research papers on particular topics. Whenever you face challenges with research paper writing, you can seek help from a history essay writing service online. Use the saved time to read other important topics. The more you read, the more knowledge and skills you will gain.

A major in economics prepares you for a career that needs excellent analytical skills. You will gain quantitative and computer skills that are highly valuable in business and any finance field. With these skills, understanding complex markets will be effortless and vital for surviving in the competitive professional world.

Instead of following your emotions, there is a better way to decide on what you will specialize in. To make a future-proof decision on what to specialize in, take time and be realistic. Below is a guide to help you choose a major.

Consider your passion

Are you excited about what you are choosing to major in? Passion is more important than just having an interest in a particular field. Without it, you will likely prioritize things that will add less value to your college life. Whether you choose sociology, history, or economics, you will spend several years at college studying it. And you will need a passion for excelling. Of course, you will experience stress no matter what you choose.

Choose based on your abilities

Some courses will be a better fit and some more challenging than others. But the truth is that you can’t fit into every course you think is good for you. So, what are you good at? Do you have some special skills in a particular major? 

You should consider choosing a course that fits your skillset. If you have strong analytical skills, that means you can excel in economics. Great research skills cut across sociology, history, and economics. Take care to keep areas where you have little skills but still have passion. You can quickly build up your skills as you study more.

Consider the future

What are your plans for the future? This is the question that should guide you when choosing your major. Specialize in a field that you will still enjoy in the future. Of course, you have passion and great abilities in a particular field. But this can’t prevent you from changing your mind. 

And if you change your mind too late, you will likely fail. So, will you still enjoy what you are doing in the future? If you cannot answer this question, you need to reconsider your choices.

Which major pays the highest?

Now that you have settled on your passion, abilities, and future, it’s time to think about money. Whether you want to major in sociology, history, or economics, each of them has the potential to earn you decent money. 

Research trends in job opportunities and salaries for the last decade. This way, you can tell which field pays the highest. Great earnings will motivate you to work hard. You are sure that with excellent skills, you will effortlessly get a well-paying job, but checking the job market ahead of time will assist in making this happen.


You no longer need to fret over the process when choosing a major. Follow the steps discussed above. You can be sure that you will make the right decision. Each step is equally vital in picking a major that is future-proof. Some areas of specialization will only last for a while or will become obsolete due to ever-changing technology.  

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