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all about chinchillasAll About Chinchillas is an animal facts book for early grades about the adorable small rodents. This book is brought to us by Free Kids Books creators and is CC-BY-SA, free to share, anyhow you like.

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Text from All About Chinchillas Animal facts

Chinchillas are in the rodent family. This means they are cousins to mice, rats, squirrels, and guineapigs.

Chinchillas are shy yet friendly creatures with soft fur and big ears. They are clean animals and very lovable.

Chinchillas used to be found in al areas of Chile, Argentina, Peru, and Bolivia, but widespread over-hunting has led to them becoming nearly extinct.

The species is listed as critically endangered, as of 2016.

Chinchillas are mostly nocturnal, preferring to come out at night, like cats and many other rodents.

all about chinchillas Animal facts

Their fur is very soft and valued for the fur trade which was almost deadly for the species.

The fur industry nearly brought Chinchillas to extinction, but now it is responsible for their increasing numbers.

While there are only around 10,000 Chinchillas left in the wild, while there are around 80,000 Chinchillas in farms.

Many animal rights organisations complain about conditions and killing methods in chinchilla farms.

Chinchillas can make great pets, they are friendly and clean. But they need dental care, a special diet, and an environment that is not too hot.

Chinchillas are omnivores but mostly enjoy a vegetable diet. For feeding pet chinchillas a pellet diet specific to the species is best.

Chinchillas don’t bath in water, they bath in dust!

Chinchillas thick fur doesn’t agree with water and they should not get wet.

<End of text from All About Chinchillas>

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  • This is an amazing book for my students.We are doing present simple these days and I will use it in my class.At the same time they will learn things about the cincillas and I am 100% sure they will never buy either cincilla or any other animal’s fur item.I will ask them to make a poster in our school with facts about this cute little animal.Thank you for the book


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