Annual Haircut Day

annualhaircutdayIt’s annual haircut day but Sringeri cannot find anyone to help. Another great creative commons (CC-BY-SA) book from Pratham publishers, with stories based on Indian lifestyles adding to their cultural depth for most Westerners, and familiarity for those from the Indian sub-continent.

By: Noni, Angie and Upesh


Images from Annual Haircut Day

Annual Haircut Day

Annual Haircut Day

Annual Haircut Day

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  • Gabriel writes:
    My son enjoyed the book, and was able to read it on his own. I would purchase this book.

    BOSS writes:
    I like this story because I’m growing my hair out.

    Arthur Cornelius writes:
    I think it was funny when he was so sacred that all his hair poped off.

    Esrom writes:
    I Enjoyed the story.

    Esther writes:
    made me laugh, very funny.


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