The Hand Book

the hand book - a rhyming children's storyThis is not a handbook – it’s a hand book! A book about hands, perhaps it’s a handbook about hands? A fun and colourful rhyming book all about hands, great fun and nice bright illustrations. Perfect length for early readers.

By: David Whitney



Sample Text and Images from The Hand Book:

Just so everyone understands; this book is about hands.

The Hand Book

Hands in my pockets;
hands in the sink.

The Hand Book

Hands can get dirty;
Hands help you drink.
The Hand Book
Big hands.
Small hands.

The Hand Book

Short hands.
Tall hands.

<End of page 7 of The Hand Book>

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the hand book

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the hand book

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  • Wonderful work! Thank you for your generousity more kids are going to benefit. Will be reading this with my children here in China.

  • I love the free online resources

  • Absolutely thrilled kids are reading my book!

  • Danielle (editor) writes:
    Lovely book! Lots of fun ideas, bright pictures, and cool rhyme.

    Tea Gagua writes:
    Excellent book for kids, great illustration and rhymes.

    Sarah Florez writes:
    “I like this book, Mom! This a really fun book!” Sarah Age 7

    Joy writes:
    My 5 year old and I had a great time reading this book and finding the rhyming words. Nice illustrations.

    Emily writes:
    My brother loves this story

    Arthi writes:
    This book is really neat and fun to read with a child! Thanks!

    anonymous writes:

    Romina writes:
    Colourful. Nice pictures. Goof if you’re teaching parts of the body. Children can create or think of what you can do with other parts of the body, and write a story with pictures with the whole class!


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