Best Tips to Choose a Tutor for Your Child for Learning a New Language Online

There are a few things to consider when looking for the best tutor for your child. First, what is their learning style? Do they learn better in person or online? Second, how much time will you be able to dedicate to helping them with their studies? Third, what language do they want to learn and from where? Fourth, which subject area are they studying, and what level of proficiency does the tutor need?

Finally, does the tutor have experience teaching this specific language before or any other languages similar in difficulty like it? We will cover all these questions in the article.

What to Look For in a Perfect Online Tutor?

There are so many great qualities of English tutors. Let’s see which ones are reasonable to look for when hiring a tutor for your child.

Teaching Experience

All students are asked to provide them with the most experienced teacher, and everyone also has to know the proficiency level of a language to start learning when choosing a teacher. However, teachers, even with several years of experience, can manage their tasks. 

It all depends on the inner motivation of each teacher. Don’t focus on a lot of work experience. You may find it more comfortable to interact with your peers who have been teaching English for 3-5 years.

Moreover, the experience is different: if the teacher has only ten years of experience working with the lower grades, this is unlikely to be a reasonable basis for teaching grown-up students. All this time, the person communicated in English with the children, taught them the basics. This is a beautiful experience if your potential tutor teaches at an online English school for only three years. This teacher might give you precisely what you need. When choosing a mentor, start from your goals: if you don’t need to learn specific professional vocabulary, a tutor with any experience will do. The main thing is that you like him.

Teaching Manner

Would you pay attention to how the teacher speaks to you, how often he smiles, whether his voice is rising? The potential teacher should engage you in dialogue in English to determine your language proficiency level In the introductory lesson. Don’t be afraid to show gaps in your knowledge. See how the mentor relates to your errors. An experienced tutor will correct them correctly, explain the rules, and give new examples even in a free introductory lesson.

The very personality of the teacher should appeal to you. We will not stress on you the image of a restless “energizer” or a pacified phlegmatic person. Choose someone it would be comfortable communicating with in real life.


Make sure to specify what teaching materials your teacher will use and what program he will teach you. A good teacher creates an individual program for each student, focusing on his knowledge and needs. Ask what aids the teacher is using. There should be authentic textbooks among them. But besides that, a good teacher will offer you audio and video materials to make learning English enjoyable.


Ask what skills you will be improving with your mentor. Regardless of the purpose of the language learning and the specialization of the course, the teacher must work to improve all four basic skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Attention to Your Aspirations

The tutor has to invite you to express your wishes regarding the lessons, ask why you are learning the language and what vocabulary you want to use. If the teacher throughout the first lesson talks only about himself and hastily determines your level of knowledge, he will not be able to develop the correct individual teaching methodology.

We also invite you to study the criteria for the selection of teachers that guide our school. Use our recommendations and check with the best teachers. The cost of knowledge always pays off. Success in learning!

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of variants for online language tutors, as you can see. Consider your child’s needs and then decide which service is the best fit. You will be more than satisfied with whichever one you end up choosing!

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