Best Ways to Find the Book Idea for New Writers

Many consider the book to be the pinnacle of literary achievement. Authors of all levels—from Stephen King to the first-time author of a science fiction book self-publishing it on Amazon—need to have the expertise, patience, and devotion to producing a novel. Additionally, you’ll need a great deal of originality, which starts with coming up with an intriguing plot premise. Novels and collections of short stories ideas come easily to certain individuals, like liquid from a well. Creative writing, on the other hand, is a more intentional process for the remainder of us. To help you get started on the process of composing a novel, here are a few guidelines for finding the greatest book writing ideas, ranging from thrillers and love stories to murder mystery and science fantasy writing.

Use An Assignment to Get You Started

If you’ve ever been taught to utilize writing proposals, but still can’t use writing prompts, you’re not alone in your confusion. Freewriting from the narrative concept is the most effective technique to compose from a topic. After that, go over your diary and get some narrative ideas from what you’ve written there. You may have written anything about a magic ball at a doctor’s office, or you may have envisioned a circus tent full of medications. It’s best to let your creative juices flow and then create from there.

Use Mythology as A Springboard for Your Own Creative Endeavors

One of the excellent ways to generate book ideas is to look deeper into the mythology. Why” Well, it’s because it has so much to offer to newly formed authors. Storytelling, mythology, and tales from the public realm may be used as a starting point for a novel if you don’t have the ability to come up with a theme from your own experiences. The Lord of the Rings, written by J.R.R. Tolkien, incorporates mythological themes from Norse mythology. A common way Shakespeare used real-life monarchs as characters in his plays was to borrow significant details from their lives and then exaggerate them to provide a stronger story. Choose a legend or folk story that you’d want to reinterpret.

Publish Chapters on A Blog by Posting a New Article Each Day

In order to find as many book ideas to write, you must do it consistently without hesitation. This is especially useful when discussing specialized subjects. Write a couple of blog entries about a topic you’re passionate about to build a dedicated audience. Once you have accumulated a large number of great postings, you may turn them into a novel. The British sci-fi program, Doctor Who, is a big admirer of Philip Sandifer. Because there are over 800 tales in the 53-year existence of Doctor Who, he published an essay for each one and then compiled them into a sequence of volumes. In her self-publishing class, Tara Gentile uses the same strategy and has had great success with it. You may write a book in a more practical length of time without increased stress whether you pursue the conventional publication method or self-publish on Amazon.

Your Curiosity Can Lead You to Success – Use It

A lot of ideas are coming from the book topics you are going to compose, right? If you truly want to become a great writer, you must take your curiosity to your advantage. If you’re not feeling comfortable enough, perhaps you can try to pay for essay writing, but remember, you won’t learn anything doing this way. This is a critical point. You have to pay attention to the things that pique your interest, and then take advantage of them. Which sections of a bookshop do you visit first? What would you need to do when you find yourself in a new location and have a lot of free time? Why do you recognize certain individuals more than others while you’re at a cafe?

We’re constantly bombarded with a plethora of sensory input, including sights, sounds, scents, and tastes. But you’ll notice things about the environment around you that I wouldn’t, and that’s where an idea comes from. Generating new ideas is a lot like working out a muscle You won’t be strong enough to lift hefty weights if you step into a gym right now. However, if you begin with the smallest weights and work your way up, you will eventually be able to handle bigger ones. It’s true of concepts, and possibly true of any sort of creation. Getting ideas is as simple as identifying what you are passionate about and then building on that foundation.

Why Don’t You Use Music as Your Source of Inspiration?

It is well-known how music can affect peoples’ brains and make their creativity come to the surface, frequently out of nowhere. So, why don’t you grab it with both hands and use it to make your book ideas? Set on music that you like and enjoy it. If you’re having trouble keeping up, look up the lyrics online and follow along. Music that tells a story, like folk, lends itself well to this practice. The song’s theme may be expanded upon by writing a summary of a book. This might serve as a springboard for a character-driven drama. What motivates the protagonist’s desire to flee on skates? The reason for their aversion to Christmas celebrations is unclear.

Look At Recent News Stories

When it comes to reporting stories, the internet offers a goldmine of information. Although the legit essay writing service can always be a safe bet, you should try to look after the newest stories online on reliable web pages on your own. A wide variety of topics are covered here, from the ridiculous to the sad. Peruse the day’s happenings, from the bizarre to the local drama, from all across the world in one sitting. When it comes to nature and our connection to it, you could uncover a completely unique notion just by reading one title. Investigate an area of discussion to you, whether this is entertainment or sports, and find stories about it in the newspapers.

Real-life Experiences Can Be Beneficial

The finest stories are often based on real-life experiences. You might get story inspiration from news articles and historical accounts. Build your own setting, personalities, and narrative using the real-life human’s career as a preliminary step. Don’t restrict yourself to newspaper articles or historical tales when you’re looking for inspiration. Self-help books may inspire novel ideas, as can nonfiction books. It is easier to accept new ideas if you learn and interact with them.


When it comes to writing a book, motivation may be elusive and ephemeral. Standing around it for lightning to arrive is a futile effort, say the majority of great authors. In the end, it doesn’t matter what genre you want to write; you can write whatever you want. You can only come up with new ideas if you put in the effort.






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