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non-fiction book about cats for upper elementary and middle gradeThis is a non-fiction book about big cats for upper elementary age children. The book makes a great research source for school projects about big cats or for a bedtime read for inspiring young zoologists (I just wish they had one on dolphins for my aspiring marine biologist to read or listen to at bedtime!).

It was rather difficult to find the full list of pdfs on wiki, so I’ve included here the links to their pdf content: – provides a clear list of the few pdfs available for children, and has a full list of all the pdfs available.

As with our other creative commons contributors (MustardSeed, Bookdash, Storyweaver/Pratham, Saita and a few others), just like with a bookstore, the aim here in re-publishing this here is to create more visibility and help more people find the books. The nice thing about our online bookstore is it’s more like a free library that you can keep online and offline, which is why we are very happy to see that wiki is providing downloadable content now.

Wiki is slowly getting around to putting all their books in pdf. Why is this so cool? Because they are great online only when you have 24-7 internet. Being able to download for offline use makes them a good resource for study offline. So now that the amazing resources of wiki are available for offline use, we’re posting them 🙂 So kids can find them easier.

Sample Text from Big Cats

The Big Cats

An African lioness
surveys her domain

In Africa, they say that a male lion roars Ha inchi na yanni? Yangu, yangu, yangu! (Whose land is this? It is mine, mine, mine!). It is hard to listen to this ancient challenge without edging a little closer to the campfire. But what is behind that remarkable call?

Certainly, to some degree, cats are cats around the world. You look at one of the neighborhood tabbies stalking a squirrel and you can see in miniature a tiger stalking deer on the meadows of Rhanthambore. And yet partly because they are so majestic these big cats are different from the neighbor’s feline. For one thing they are the lords of their kingdom and travel confidence where small creatures scurry and hide. For many years, all they had to fear was each other, but the invention of gunpowder threatened to destroy this kingdom and send its feline lords to extinction. Fortunately there are more people like you that see big cats more as a companion to be admired rather than an enemy to be destroyed. Learn more about these great cats and their remarkable world. After all, we appreciate what we understand, and save what we appreciate.

Superb Predators
Big cats are among nature’s grandest predators. A grizzly bear may have a slight size advantage over a siberian tiger, but the tiger is far more agile and quick. A wolf may have a better sense of smell than a jaguar, but a jaguar can handle large prey alone. Cats have excellent night vision, sharp hearing and enormous physical strength. Their strong yet graceful movements and camoflage colors help them sneak up on their prey.

On the Menu
Cats hunt because they need to survive. Animals that eat grass and leaves have special stomachs that allow bacteria time to break down complex plant sugars into the simpler sugars animals can digest. Cats have a very short digestive tract that quickly breaks down and extracts its energy and building materials. Cats cannot survive on a of grass.

Big cats are among the most intelligent species on Earth. In intelligence they are ranked just behind primates (monkeys and apes) and cetaceans (whales and dolphins). Lions use group strategies to tackle large and dangerous prey. All cats are very curious and can learn quickly. Large predators require intelligence to be successful as hunters. Mother cats spend a long time (one to two years) teaching their offspring the many things they need to know in order to survive.

Found Everywhere But Safe Nowhere
Big cats are found on all continents but Australia and Antarctica. And yet everywhere they are found, they are endangered. Big cats are often hunted for their fur or as a trophy. They are also killed by people who want the animals that big cats hunt. Still other people hunt big cats for sport. Just as bad, the healthy environment that big cats need to survive is not being treated the respect it deserves. To keep these superb predators in the world our children and grandchildren will live in, we must learn to make room for other living things to use Earth’s limited resources.

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  • I like this book it’s very useful
    I enjoyed when I reading this book I learned to much about a big cat I don’t even have a favorite animal and it is free
    I can read it again to improve my reading

  • Dear review Big Cats In The Wild, 8822, what a shame it is that so many of the wild big, cats are endangered! I love the tigers lions, leopards, cheetahs jaguars, bobcats, cougars, pumas, snow leopards, mountain lions, panthers, ocelots, servals, marble cats, that are actually known for a fact to not be big wild cats at all, and they say that they are only just slightly larger than the domestic house cats that you can keep as a pet or pets. I like the book because that has wonderful pictures, photographs, illustrations, and is very educational, also! Have you all, you guys and gals, girls ever heard of a type, kind of wild cat that is called a fishing cat? They are very unique in how they look, act, and what they eat! I think I also have heard of a kind and species of wild cat called the sand cat! They live in deserts, where there is a lot of sand! I also like the margay wild cat! My favorite big cat is the Siberian Tiger! I love how magnificent, pretty, gorgeous and beautiful they look! Please help to save all big cats everywhere! Thank you very much, thank you so much! Love, Cassie Cassandra Donna O. Olson

  • Excellent book, very informative!

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  • I love it to I also like to read about animals I love animals I don’t even have a favorite animal I love this book it is one of my favorite books and I am at school it is really cool I also learned something about the big cats I also like it because it is free so I can read it when ever I want this is the best book ever!

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  • I love cats and this book helped a lot


  • I really liked this book, because I´ve learnt more about one of my favourite animals, and I can do a work for class now, without reading that boring “wikipedia” 😉 . I like it because it´s free, so I can read it whenever I want. I will recommend this website to all my friends!

    • Thanks so much for your comment Fatima, and for recommending us, yes these books are much more fun and well organised for projects than Wikipedia itself, please take a look at our “Non-Fiction” category (see in the right side bar) for more like this. Danielle

  • very nice book I learned something thanks guys


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