Book Review of Pains and Gains of Academic Writing

There is no student who has never thought “How hard it is to write all those academic papers on excellent grades!” Yes, it may be challenging to meet all writing requirements if you have little experience in writing essays, research papers, and other pieces of writing. Is there any way to succeed in writing academic projects if you lack the time for the full writing course? You will find the answer here – you can read the book “Pains and Gains of Academic Writing” and improve your writing skills significantly. 

Do you still think that you need to have the talent to start writing original papers? When you read a book that is full of practical pieces of advice, you’ll understand that everyone can become a good writer. “Pains and Gains of Academic Writing” is a real godsend for students of all academic levels as well as those who need to improve their writing skills for work. 

What Is the Book About?

“Pains and Gains of Academic Writing” is a writing guide that differs from many others available on the web. It is written in a simple language without complicated terms. It is deprived of water and contains only essential tips on how to cope with writer’s block and express your thoughts the best way. 

You’ll find 13 real-life stories of writers who have overcome their writer’s block and achieved success in writing. You’ll learn what steps to take to achieve your goal – write better papers. The book consists not only of the theoretical part but also the practical part with exercises. If to be more exact, the reader will find sections on: 

  • Structure;
  • Content;
  • Style.

The book contains only effective tips on how to craft papers from scratch on any topic. You’ll find information on how to write different types of academic papers, among which are all types of essays, a research paper, a book report, etc. Find out how to structure and format papers the right way and organize your thoughts so that they sound perfect.

What Makes Pains and Gains of Academic Writing Valuable for Students?

“Pains and Gains of Academic Writing” has been written by professional writers with years of experience. These aren’t just tips taken from the web. These are real stories from those who have passed this way and can share valuable pieces of advice with beginners. Thousands of students all over the world follow instructions in the guide and show great results within a short period. Students have a great opportunity to check how well they have understood the theory and do exercises to practice their writing skills. The guide will help you to relieve pain and become a better writer who can write insightful well-researched papers on any topic.

Follow Tips from Writing Guru

Just imagine how great it is that you can read just one book “Pains and Gains of Academic Writing” and write flawless papers. The book contains tips and tricks on how to complete an impressive essay and other types of papers. You won’t find the same tips anywhere else as the guide includes stories of real people who share their experiences. You will learn how to write a paper opening, what to include in the main body, and how to write a good summary. All the tips are written so that everyone could understand the main idea and apply the tips in their writing tasks.


“Pains and Gains of Academic Writing” is worth your attention, regardless of your writing level. The guide is beginner-friendly. But experts will benefit from reading the guide as well. The book on academic writing is free from technical jargon which makes it easy to read and understand. Readers are provided with a chance to plunge into the deep waters of writing and learn how to cope with the main writing issues almost every writer faces sooner or later. 

You don’t need to search for different paper samples to have a clear idea of how to format and structure this or that type of paper. “Pains and Gains of Academic Writing” contains all the information you need. You can save much time by reading this book since it contains all the writing essentials as well as professional recommendations on how to complete perfect error-free papers.

Get Help from Professional Custom Writers

Today, every student knows that the most effective and fastest way to become a good paper writer is to ask for professional assistance from experts. You can do this on a trusted website – a place where writers with years of experience have completed tons of essays successfully. You need to make several simple steps whenever you want to meet all teacher’s requirements. Share your paper details with a professional custom writer and get a paper done fast according to your personal guidelines. 

When you hire a reliable writer from a legitimate writing company, you kill two birds with one stone: submit an excellent paper before the deadline and learn from talented writers. Many students use an opportunity to work with experts and communicate with them directly with the aim to learn how to deal with similar tasks in the future. You can learn how to structure any type of paper the right way, format it according to the latest standards, and develop your own writer’s voice. Hundreds of students have already managed to improve their grades and writing skills by getting custom writing help online. It’s your turn to polish your writing by following expert tips and tricks from successful writers.

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