Building Literacy Skills In Children With Books


The Internet is flooded with resources of all kinds. There are all sorts of literacy sources and helpful materials, such as data for scholarship essays, grammar building tips, info for the best skill-developing games, etc. Parents of young children will do best if they give their kids the foundations of literacy.

What is literacy, though? Well, that is the basis for vital skills, such as writing, reading, socializing, and communicating. In the early points of development, you need to lay the basis of it by using words, sounds, and language.

But did you realize that stories, books, literature in general can aid you in this process? Why is that so? Shall we see?

Benefits of Reading

Bonding is one major benefit of reading. By dedicating some time together for stories, you’ll get to spend more time with your child. What can be better than your kid cuddling with you while you entertain them with a magnificent story? But you know what… during this time you will also show the child that books can give a lot of pleasure, too.

Also, during the early development of your child, they learn the most by their senses, mostly sight and hearing. They will get to know more about the spoken language by being read to. This helps build the foundation of speaking and communication.

During those precious hours, your child will understand that people can come up with all sorts of stories. And they will see how those other people can communicate their thoughts and ideas to others. This will show your child important aspects of communication.

Don’t forget another important part – when you are reading to your child, they will come across various new words that have been unfamiliar up to that point. What better way to teach your kid vocabulary?

Also, writing helps in quite a lot of skills. Some of them are thinking and problem-solving. Why thinking, you may ask. Well, when your kid gets familiar with various points of view, different situations, and diverse characters through books, they will start to see patterns and new ideas. This will allow them to make their own connections by thinking in different aspects. Also, when they see how various characters are going through obstacles, the children will find new ways to deal with problems. By reading to them, you are setting the path towards their success problem-solving later in life. You are getting them familiar to hard situations that seem difficult to get by. But the more important thing is that then you are showing them that there is always a solution.

Now, you can see how that can be useful later in life. And don’t be surprised if your child starts to amaze you with what kind of mature thinking they are exhibiting.

When you spend this half-an-hour with your child reading to them, you will find it easier to make them think and talk about new events, new concepts, and all sorts of things that are of interest.

And also, when you read to your kid, you will manage to show them that the world is wide and open. They will see the world outside of their tiny sphere of home. The kid will get to know more about the community, about people in general, about how the society works.

Remember, your little child is learning mostly by example. So, you need to set up a good example for them. This is done, of course, by acting in the way you expect them to act. But it can also help if you give them side examples with the characters of the stories. Did you notice how the Prince was so gentle when he comforted the pauper? Point it out to the kid and discuss that with them. Reading the Turtle and the Rabbit? Explain to the lessons of the story.

But, one of the most important things here is that you need to make it all seem like entertainment. If the child takes it as a chore, they will gain nothing valuable. Choose books that are suitable for the age and interests of your child.

While you are reading or once you have finished reading, ask your kid various open-ended questions. That way they can be included in the process of gaining lessons out of the stories. They will also become more interested in reading in general. This helps develop their thinking and logic, too.


A huge deal of teaching awaits you when you are a parent. Sure, teaching isn’t only for… well, teachers. No, parents need to be highly invested in their kid’s development. And one part of this is teaching literacy skills.

Of course, there are many aspects of this long process. Kids are learning all the time, even while they are simply playing around with their new toy. But you can help them improve and have better prospects later in life. By reading to them, you are giving them a whole new wide world. And you are also setting the scene for them to love reading when they grow up. And what better hobby? What better passion? What better way to develop themselves intellectually and as an amazing person?

So, we hope that our guide was throughout review of how books can help you develop your child’s literacy skills. Have a smooth sailing in the world of literature!

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