Catch a Ride on Raindrops – Picture book about the Water Cycle

Cwater cycle picture bookatch a Ride on Raindrops is a picture book that explains all about the water cycle a very simple way, perfect for elementary school science studies in early grades.

This picture book is illustrated with beautiful and very colourful acryllic paintings.

Author: Anjali Vaidya, Illustrator: Sayan Mukherjee



Text from Catch a Ride on Raindrops – Water Cycle Picture book

Splash in the puddles, Jump in the rain,

Catch a ride on raindrops, Falling from the sky.

Rain hits the ground, And seeps far below,

Down where the worms live, Past where the termites dig,

Snakes slide and ants creep, Down the rain seepswater cycle picture book

Trickle between rocks, Squeeze into cracks,

Moisture moves, out of sight, Deep underground.

Spring from the earth, Rush with the streams

Race with the fishes, Far across the land.water cycle picture book

Warmed by the sun, Up the water floats,

Into skies, far above, Vapour turns to cloud.

Thundering in the sky,
They bulge and rumble and grow,

water cycle picture book

Till water bursts, in pouring rain, Down to the earth again.

How to Ride the Water Cycle
Water travels far and takes many forms over the course of the water cycle.
It comes to the earth as rain from the sky.It fills rivers and soaks into the ground to join the water table. The water table, like a river underground, emerges into open air in the form of springs and lakes. Water travels up into the sky as vapour when it’s warmed by the sun, and comes together as wispy clouds. When clouds grow dark and heavy with water, they open with pouring rain, bringing water

<End of text from Catch a Ride on Raindrops>

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