College Admission Books for Kids and Parents to Know About

The idea of their children attending college can be terrifying and overwhelming for many parents. Getting into college could appear challenging regarding finances and navigating college life.  Advice given by other parents can be helpful but may lack context and not apply to all circumstances. Parents and kids must research to gain every aspect of knowledge possible regarding going to college.

As a parent, some books can help you prepare for the next phase in your relationship with your college-aged child, regardless of where your child is in the process of gaining admission. Aside from books, there are admissions consultants reviews that offer parents and kids the guidance they need. These books provide parents with the materials essential to assist their college-bound adolescents in navigating college life. By reading these books, parents can get ideas on how to help their children prepare for college.

College Admission Books for Parents and Students

It is imperative that parents of students who will soon be enrolling in college actively participate in assisting them with the transition into college. Do not be alarmed if, as a parent, you have no idea what actions you ought to take; this is quite normal. The following is a list of books to read to prepare for college:

How to Raise an Adult by Julie Lythcott-Haims

The book guides parents to begin preparing their children for adulthood. The author of the book shares light on the negative things that can happen in several stages of their education. In addition, the author suggests different strategies that parents can use to instill confidence in their offspring. The active

involvement of parents in the process of college admissions is important. This book offers a solution for the challenges that may arise in the process.

Leaving Home: A Parent’s Guide to Comprehending the Years Spent Away at College by Karen Levin Coburn

This book is amongst the top college admission guides that offer parental guidance regarding the college admission process. As a parent, this book will teach you how to provide emotional and social support for your child as they transition into college. The author Karen Coburn leads parents through the challenging transitional problems they will face. Just like in most college learning resources this book includes how to manage independence, what emotions their child will be confronting, and much more. It is recommended that you read this book with your child before they depart for campus so that they may get the most out of it. While reading it, note any difficulties that may be relevant to your child that are addressed in the book.

Choosing College: How to Make Better Learning Decisions Throughout Your Life by Michael B. Horn and Bob Moesta

This is one of the top books to read before going to college. The book is about how to make better learning decisions throughout one’s life. The process of selecting a college is easily one of the most challenging and time-consuming decisions that a student will ever have to make. Parents must understand what drives their children to pursue postsecondary education and determine how to locate the greatest fit for their children.

The Price You Pay for College by Ron Lieber

The book explains how the market for higher education has evolved into such an excessively complex and expensive environment. Most significantly, the author discusses the most crucial factors to consider while preparing for college and selecting a university. In addition, he provides practical advice on how parents should discuss the cost of college with their children. The chapters are condensed and focused on current events. A section of the book describes the part feelings play in thinking about higher education, notably fear and guilt.

The College Conversation: A Practical Companion for Parents to Guide Their Children Along the Path to Higher Education by Eric J. Furda and Jacques Steinberg

Parents are guided through the critical tasks they need to have with their college-bound students by this book. It begins with the discovery phase, continues with the Search, application, decisions, and transition to college. This is one of the top notch college admission guides. The knowledge in this book is from some of the most knowledgeable and considerate individuals in the field of higher education.


Finding schools while also navigating the process of college admission may be a difficult and frustrating endeavor. Parents and kids should have a better basis for addressing the college admissions process. With the books to read to prepare for college in this article, the difficult task of navigating college life will be made easy.

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