Combating Racism – 7 Great Kids’ Books

Racism or discrimination against others based on ethnicity and race is a growing concern. Parents of growing kids must address this problem with kids. Staying silent or not discussing racism with kids conveys that racism is nothing and it is okay to create a disparity between different people. Racism starts at a tender age, when kids unite and start differentiating another kid in their classroom who belongs to a different country, comes from a different religion, or looks different from them. Teach your kids to treat everyone with respect and equality. 


Having an appropriate knowledge of racism and its adverse effects is necessary throughout your education. To end, imparting it as an important subject in school is essential. Teaching about it in school or college can make a difference. Teachers can find or read about racism essays online and share them with their kids. You can also take references on this topic and write about this serious subject. For any writing help, you can find samples from reliable sources that provide essays on racial inequality and other trending issues. These free essay examples discuss the growing problem of racism and its effect on people, societies, and countries. You also might discover other students’ opinions on this topic and find interesting ideas to write about.

Reading a book can prove to be an effective way to address racism issues, here are some examples:

I Am Enough by Grace Byres

I am Enough is another wonderful title that shares a story of a black girl and about self-love. The tale beautifully presents that every girl has a dream, no matter what race she belongs to, making it the best book about racial inequality. The book mainly focuses on teaching kids about potential or personal strength and how they should use it productively. The book talks about how joyful it can be when everyone celebrates the differences between them. It teaches the kids to be empathetic towards each other.

Intersection Allies: We Make Room For All 

IntersectionAllies is a book about nine kids who treat each other with love and respect. They fight for each other’s respect and embrace the differences like language or gender differences among them. The book focuses on the importance of unity in diversity as a whole. It is written in a poetic form that makes it an interesting read. Include this title in your kid’s book collection and let them understand its deep meaning.

Freedom River by Doreen Rapaport

The Freedom River is based on a true story of an enslaved man living in Ohio, a free state. The book revolves around this enslaved man and his remarkable journey of crossing the Ohio river and helping people to flee from Kentucky. John Parker is the main subject of the book. As parents, you are responsible for creating awareness about racial inequality in the younger generation. Reading this book in schools or colleges is an effective way to teach kids about racism. It makes them think rationally and raises questions about why racial discrimination occurs.

What Lane? by Torrey Maldonado

This book is an interesting story about a young boy, Stephen, and his father. The book helps the readers go through the life’s journey of a cute-looking boy who is black. The book is an eye-opener explaining the importance of racial justice in American society. The story shares the feelings of Stephen, the African American boy who is ill-treated and always gets stares from people all around. As he grows up, he does not understand the shifting perception of people toward him, that consider him a potential threat. The book is based on a hard conversation that tells us how miserable it can be to live a life as a person of colour in America. 

American Born Chinese – Gene Yuen Lang

The graphic novel American Born Chinese, with its beautiful illustrations, helps us to connect with the racial injustice among Asian Americans. The author presents the real picture of racial microaggressions among Asians living in America. The book contains three stories; The Monkey King, Jin Wang – a tale of Chinese immigrants, and Danny, “an American boy.” The author draws a connection between the three unrelated tales and creates a modern fable with a variety of everything – action, fun, and drama. 

The Proudest Blue: A Story of Hijab and Family by Ibtihaj Muhammad with S.K. Ali

The Proudest Blue: A story of a Hijab and Family is a beautiful tale of two sisters and their growing years when they start wearing a different headwear, “hijab,” in school. The author shares the stress the girl goes through even a day before when she had to wear the Hijab for the first time in school. Whether she was accepted in school and how her fellow classmates reacted, all this raises curiosity among the readers. With this book, your kids can understand the importance of the Hijab for a Muslim girl. You must teach your kids to accept and respect everyone’s right to religion in an educational institution. 

All The Colors We are: The Story of How We Get Our Skin Color

This is an ideal book for young children who are curious to know about their identities. It is a bilingual book that makes children love themselves for what they are. They are taught to treat each other equally with respect and care. The author of the book intends to teach young kids about the different skin tones of different races of people. With this book, kids can try to understand that the location and place you are born or brought up has an important role in defining your life. They learn to understand and use the word “melanin” and share their thoughts about it. 


Teaching racial inequality should be our priority when we talk about teaching values to our kids. It will help if you teach the feeling of oneness and equality among kids when they are growing. To ensure that your child lives in a free world, find out appropriate ways to teach children about racism and let your child think of how it feels when others mistreat you. Raise your child in a free environment so that they spread positivity and joy throughout their life.

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