Here Comes the Camel and Other Poems – poetry for young children

This poetry ebook for children is rated as a Level 2 book by Storyweaver. Level two books are for children who recognize familiar words and can read new words with help.

Author: Prayag Shukla
Illustrator: Siraj Saxena

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Text from Here Comes the Camel and Other Poems – Poetry for young children

I met a butterfly,
yellow, black and brown.
Hovering over flowers,
flying up and down.
She sits so near
I touch her with no fear.
At once she flies away,
she sits but doesn’t stay.

Thump Thump
Thump Thump goes the elephant!
Thump Thump the elephant comes!
He lifts his trunk, he lowers it.
Wading into the water,
his trunk becomes a shower.

Bump Bump goes the elephant!
Bump Bump the elephant comes!
Bananas for his big fat tum,
he eats ten and counts one!
Burp Burp goes the elephant!
Burp Burp the elephant comes!

Off to School
Leaves are green
and flowers red.
Ready for school
as you leave the bed.
Left your pencil,
dropped your book!
Pick them up
and off to school!

His feet like the sand,
carrying loads across the land,
walking quietly on the sand.
When he tires, he will sit.
On his right or his left?
That is his own SECRET!

Look how the peacock dances,
on dainty steps he advances.
All his feathers in an arc,
glowing hues light and dark.
When the sky turns cloudy grey,
the peacock begins to sway.
Moving gently on his feet,
dancing to the rainy beat!

Food So Precious!
How about some idli-dosa,
or a nice hot samosa?
Let us eat some sweet mithai,
yummy rabri and malai!
Would you like some poori bhaji,
or fried brinjal bhaaja?

Spongy fresh dhokla is nice,
to gobble up in a trice.
But do not hurry when you eat,
careful not to spill any treat.
Because FOOD is so precious,
and also so DELICIOUS!

Drip Drop
Drip Drop raindrops!
Can I touch them as they Plop?
Eyes shut and face upturned,
for silver beads on curling lashes.
Eyes open to see what splashes!
Leaves and branches dripping wet.
Birds shedding little droplets!
Silver sheets on roofs and walls,
I see the rain as it falls!

The Race
A tumbling red tomato,
racing green peas!
Stumbling came the cauliflower,
not far behind is coriander!
Who will reach the finish line
in this race against time?

Swinging High
To and fro swings the doll,
pulled by the bird so small.
Uncle Monkey hides a smile,
in his hat of the latest style.
Aunty Kitten is also here
using her fat glasses to peer.
She also wants to have a go
to touch the sky, to and fro!

Who went to the market with Papa?
His dear old umbrella!
He is safe from the beating sun with
his dear old umbrella!
His bag in his right hand,
guess what the left demands?

When the rain comes pouring down,
Umbrella-time all around!
It gets wet but keeps Papa dry.
Like a roof on his head that is not very high!

Paper Boat
Let us make a paper boat,
in the water it will float!
Away floats the paper boat
running to a river unknown.
Dancing on the swirling waves,
a little speck as it sails away!

My Pencil
My pencil is so special,
it jots down letters neat.
In maths, it’s hard to beat!
Leaves and flowers,
plants and pots,
lions and birds,
it draws in a shot!
Drawing lines for a house so tall,
my special pencil does it all!

Chugetty Chug
There goes the train,
Chugetty Chug!
On the tracks,
Chugetty Chug!
The longest whistle in the land,
Chugetty Clack!
Not the slow passenger train,
the fastest sleekest streaking Mail!
Chugetty Clack
Goes the train!

My Ball
Bounce Bounce
goes my ball!
Run Run
runs my ball!
I like to run
for my ball!
Quickly hides
my naughty ball!
Bounce Bounce
comes my ball!
I’m happy
when I find my ball!

<End of Here Comes the Camel and Other Poems>


About Prayag Shukla
Prayag Shukla is an acclaimed Hindi poet, author, and journalist, born in Kolkata in 1940. Prayag Shukla has been living in Delhi for the past 40 years. He likes to travel and meet people. Prayag Shukla regularly writes for children and has written many poems. He has also translated verse from English and Bangla into Hindi.

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