Coming Out Handbook – The Trevor Project

Sexual identity and gender identity are topics that can involve intense confusion for teens and young adults. Discovering your sexual identity and/or gender identity is the first step that one must undertake and this book helps by first explaining how gender identity and sexual identity are not just black and white – or pink and blue – like traditionalists have believed but the potential of a multi-coloured world. It also explains that your sexual identity and gender identity are distinct parts of your personality which can have many different facets and do not necessarily have to be limited by labels but could be a mix of different types.


While the book is aimed at teens and young adults, parents can also use the book to introduce these concepts to their children when questions arise, and asides from the terms “sex”, “sexuality”, “sexual orientation” and “sexual identity” there is no explicit material in the book. It is a good chance to discuss these topics with your young ones to ensure they do not develop biases.


More information about this project and other topics of interest to LGBTQ young people can be found here:

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