Common Essay Writing Challenges: How AI Tools Can Eliminate Them?

Essay writing is one of the most common tasks assigned to students during their academic years. Even though a student is required to write multiple essays each semester, it isn’t exactly an easy job. In fact, students often need to overcome a number of challenges in order to develop a well-structured, informative essay. While it takes several years of practice to perfect one’s essay-writing skills, you can handle all the common challenges with the help of specialized AI tools.

1. Lack of Unique Topic Ideas

It often takes hours of brainstorming and research to find a unique essay topic that fits your teacher’s instructions. However, as the deadline nears, you cannot afford to spend so much time finding the right topic for your essay. Instead of settling for a generic topic, you can use AI essay writing tools like Caktus AI, which delivers numerous suggestions based on your specific requirements. You can take inspiration from those suggestions or personalize them as per your preference while saving your precious time.

2. Struggle to Find Credible Sources of Information

After deciding on the essay topic, students usually struggle to find credible sources of information that they can cite in their writing. Even though the internet makes it easier for students to have access to necessary information, they cannot use every source in essays. If you are finding it hard to locate credible sources of data, a well-trained AI tool can help you find reliable and credible sources in just a few clicks. Tools like Caktus AI help you save more time by streamlining the research process and ensuring your arguments are supported by quality references.

3. Difficulty Structuring the Essay Outline

Even after selecting a unique topic and gathering necessary information from credible sources, your essay may still struggle to impress the teacher if it has a poorly constructed outline. Many students often get confused about how to organize their thoughts and arrange the points for their essay papers. As a result, the quality of the essay suffers. With the help of AI-powered essay writing tools, you can create comprehensive outlines by getting suggestions on the ideal flow of key points and how to present the data to make the most impact.

4. Having Too Many Errors

If you want your essay to stand out in the class, you cannot afford to have grammatical errors or spelling mistakes in the text. You can always fix these errors in the proofreading process. However, it is always better to improve your writing skills, grammar, and vocabulary so that there are fewer mistakes while writing the essay. Using an AI essay writing tool as your personal writing coach can help you improve your writing by conducting grammar and spelling checks in real-time. It also gives you valuable feedback on the choice of words, sentence structure, and overall coherence.

5. Fear of Plagiarism

Even if you prepare an essay from scratch, there is a small chance that the text may contain unintentional plagiarism. As a student, you must be aware of the consequences of submitting plagiarized content in class. To avoid this problem, you should consider using AI tools that can check the originality of your essay. If there are a few traces of plagiarism in your content, you need to rephrase them or replace them with fresh pieces of content to avoid plagiarism charges. However, if you have used information from a different source to support your arguments, consider citing the source in the essay.


The introduction of AI essay writing tools has certainly made it easier for students to develop high-quality essays in less amount of time. However, it is important to understand the role of these AI tools in drafting academic papers like essays. You should use these tools only as an assistant while you write the essay yourself. As you may realize, it is unethical to submit essays that are generated completely by AI tools. Use them carefully to enhance your work.

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