Cool Cat (What my Cat Does)

Have you ever wondered what your Cat does when you are at school? Find out in this cute rhyming tale. A rhyming story for young children and cat lovers everywhere. Endearing pictures by Naobim illustrate this picture book which also doubles as a colouring book.What my Cat Does Questionmark

Written by Danielle Bruckert
Illustrated by Naobim
Inspired by Gabriel Rosenstock

Sample Text From
Cool Cat

I wonder what my Cat does…
When I am at school all day?

I wonder What my cat does when I’m at school,
I bet it is something really cool.

Does he pound, mix, and bake,
bread, pastry, or a cake?
<End of page 3>

This book is also available as an editable Open Office file: Cool_Cat.odg – the file uses free software Open Office, and free font Open Dyslexic.

Read Along with the video of Cool Cat, read by Kiwi Opa, here:

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