Dance of the Flamingos – Non-Fiction

Sample Text from Dance of the Flamingos

Like ballet dancers they pirouette on one leg, raising graceful shimmering pink wings… a cloud of pink on a blue lake. Flamingos are the ‘beauty queens’ of the bird world.

The word ‘flamingo’ comes from the Spanish word ‘flamenco’ which means fire. It refers to the bright colour of the flamingo’s feathers.

Flamenco is also the name of a famous dance from Spain, a country in Europe. Some people believe that the flamenco dance was so named as the dancers imitated the movements of the flamingo.

When you think of flamingos, you always remember their beautiful pink colour. Amazingly, the birds get this colour from the food they eat!

Flamingos eat organisms such as plankton, shrimps, crabs and tiny water plants. All of these have special colouring agents which cause a flamingo to turn pink when it eats them.

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  • It was quite interesting, but i hate reading from a screen. i had quitea bit of fun reading that(if it was from a book i could have more fun). though it was long for a computer book.

  • This is the perfect book for my 1st grade distance learning student as well as for my grandchildren. 💞


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