Doggie’s Last Day

Doggie's Last DayA dog’s last day before his owners move home away from the area. Doggie spends his last day saying farewell to his friends and having a final look around the place he’s lived all his life, only to end up with a terrible surprise, and some exciting twists, but will it have a happy ending? Find out in this cute illustrated tale.

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“Where’s Doggie?” said Chris, looking over at his wife Mara who was busy flicking through a magazine.
“Don’t know.” Mara turned her head, as though expecting Doggie to emerge from behind the sofa, or maybe appear in the doorway. “I haven’t seen him all day.”
“Me neither.” Chris stood up to get a better look through the window, peering left and right.
“Can’t see him,” he told her, shaking his head. “Better get his skates on, though. Not long now before we’re leaving.”
Some distance from his home, Doggie was walking along a lane. The lane led from his house to the village. Carefully crossing the road, he caught a glimpse of brown fur at the bottom of a hedge and a nose poking out of the green leaves. It was Francis.
“Hello Francis,” Doggie said to the fox. “How are you?”
“Not so bad.” Francis moved a bit further out from the hedge. “Have to keep my wits about me, though. Doesn’t pay to go daydreaming. Lots of people round here don’t like foxes.”
“So I’ve heard,” said Doggie. “Must be hard.”
Francis scratched at the ground with his paw. “You’re not wrong there, Doggie. More’s the pity!”
“Yes,” Doggie agreed. “Much harder being a fox than a dog.” Francis nodded. “Anyway,” he continued. “Where are you going?” “It’s my last day,” Doggie told him. “We’re moving house, so I
thought I’d get out and about, have a last look round, say my goodbyes.” “I see,” the fox said, turning his head to one side. “Left it a bit late,
haven’t you?”
“I know,” said Doggie. “But I only found out we were leaving last

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