Essential Tips for Parents Who Want to Raise a Reader

A parent is the first teacher a child will have in life. The lessons are so strong that the child will live with them forever. One of the best lessons you can offer to your child is reading.

Reading, like all other important habits, should be taught early in life. Luckily, children are receptive and will make the work easier for you. Here are tips on how to raise a reader in your household.

Introduce Reading from Day One

It is said that children will recognize their parents by the age of three months. The image they develop at this early stage never fades away. Let the child recognize you as a reader and this image will never fade.

Begin reading for and with your child from the early days. Make faces and sounds as you read to entertain the child. Though the kid does not comprehend the content, he or she will begin to get into the habit. Children anticipate the exercise and will appear to enjoy it alongside your reading. Once they can read, they continue with the habit.

Make Reading Fun

While you might desire to raise a reader, it should not happen by force. Make it fun and interesting to read through different books and pieces of literature. A few measures will make reading fun for your children.

  • Choose interesting books to read. They must be of the age group of your child. Choose the decorated and interesting books based on age. Interesting books make reading fun.

  • Create a fun environment to read. Choose a decorated corner or pick books with fun shapes. You may also sing and dramatize while you read. If the child loves the environment, he will love reading.

  • Provide incentives when reading. A toy to play with, or a snack to bite while playing is enough. The incentives make reading interesting.

  • Read when the child is most comfortable. A hungry or wet child will never read.

When reading is fun, it is the child who will be pulling you to start the session. Make reading interesting and you will be halfway into developing a reader.

Invest in the Right Reading Materials

Choose reading materials that add value to the development of your child. Luckily, publishers produce materials for children of all ages. As such, it is you to pick the best material for your child.

The right materials also include illustrations. Children love illustrations that accompany the text in a book. It is at this early age that they begin to connect the dots. Buy books and other reading materials that befit the age and learning capability of your child.

Lead by Example

Lead by example by being a reader. Children learn a lot through imitation. If you spare time to read, they will begin to pick the habit. They will remind you that you have not read for them or with them. Create a habit in the house and the children will find it easier to follow.

Make Reading Meaningful

Why do you want your children to read? Is it about school or do you want to develop a passion for reading? Begin to demonstrate the value of reading and soon you will never have to push the kids to read. Take them for tours to see the places or things they are reading about. Explain to them when narrating stories and buy toys that resemble what they read in books. Reading gains new meaning.

You will only end up with a reader if you make it a habit. Provide the appropriate reading materials and give an incentive to the readers. Explain what you are reading and the child will find greater value in the exercise.

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