Fading Flowers

fading flowersFading Flowers – Flowers look sad when they’re fading, just like our faces when we’re sad or angry, but flowers look very beautiful and happy when they’re fresh. A little girl compares her sad face to the wilting flowers, and her happy face to the fresh flowers. What will she choose? A story about being positive.

By: Agnes and Salem de Bezenac


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Fading Flowers

Fading Flowers

Fading Flowers

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  • Keep on writing, great job!

  • this book is about a little girl who is like a daisy because when she is sad she wilts but when shes happy she grows

  • nil writes:
    so great

    jay writes:

    yazmin writes:
    loved it

    Nelsy writes:

    lili writes:
    your book was very funny , I liked it very much.

    paula writes:
    My 6 year old really liked this book.

    paula writes:
    My 6 year old son enjoyed this book a lot. We have read it a few times.

    Tina writes:
    Loved it

    Sarah writes writes:
    it’s so cute and funny hehehe

    mya writes:
    love this book it is so good my brother whats to read it all day

    kiearra writes:
    it was good and she was sad.


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