Fire! Fire! – A story about fire safety

Fire! Fire!, A story about fire safetyIn Fire! Fire! – A story about fire safety. little girl Ana, after moving towns, goes to work with her father, there are lots of speakers and shower-heads in the building they visit, Ana wonders what they are. They soon find out when a fire alarm sounds. A story about what happens in a fire, combined with lessons on what to do in a fire at the end.

Author: Aditi Ghosh, Illustrator: George Supreeth




Sample Text from Fire! Fire! – A Story About Fire Safety

When Ana moved from her hometown in Goa to Mumbai, she was very excited. But she was also sorry to leave her uncle, her grandmother, her friends and most of all… Mando.

Mando was a serious dog who slept peacefully all day. But whenever there was a wedding in the neighbourhood, he howled woefully, until Ana’s uncle stopped playing his violin!
Ana loved Mando. She knew he would always protect her from strangers and dangers. And from her uncle’s noisy violin!

Mumbai was a noisy city. Ana missed the sounds of the birds, the church bells, and the village music. The only thing she didn’t miss was her uncle’s violin!
Sometimes, after school, Ana would go with her father as he delivered letters and parcels.

Ana would wait eagerly for her ride up in the lift. One day, she sneakily pressed all the buttons. The lift opened on every floor!
Every floor had a red speaker box on the wall. Each floor also had a strange-looking shower- head on the ceiling.
‘Who would want to take a bath here?’ she wondered.

fire safety

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This is a level 3 book from Pratham, suitable for more confident readers, or for reading to children with more advanced understanding.

This book is brought to us by Pratham and their Storyweaver platform, bringing access to more books to children everywhere.

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