FKB Make a Difference Writing Competition #1 – Teen Stories

supercow call for helpThis writing competition aims to answer a call for help, identifying important stories that can help us use education to avoid prisons. Helping tell and share powerful stories that shed light and find solutions to move children onto the path to education, inquiry, and abundance rather than one of pain are critical. Competition winners will be featured in a book aimed at the same cause.

If this is successful we’re going to run plenty of competitions, and I so hope it will be.supercow open a school close a prison

Our inaugural competition is called  the “Supercow Call for Help Competition”

#Supercow #callforhelp #competition – lol love the hashtags right? Just learning how to use them 🙂

The idea behind the submissions are that they address an important call for help, addressing an important topic that children and teenagers face, helping provide stories that shed light on difficult problems,  and offer solutions.



  • Free to enter, enter as many times as you like!
  • Free to share 🙂 we love following and sharing but nothing compulsory!
  • No age limits, open to kids and adults
  • Can’t be previously published unless it’s only on your own personal blog


To enter:

  • Submit a story to FKB submissions email with the title “CALL FOR HELP COMPETITION” in capitals
  • Attach the story as a txt, doc, odt, or pdf
  • Include the following mandatory items:
    • story title,
    • synopsis,
    • your full name or pen name,
    • a short author bio,
  • Include optionally, any links to websites or social media handles you have, your age, education or occupation if it’s not in your bio
  • A statement of your acceptance of the terms and conditions as follows
    • “If I win I am aware of the terms and conditions and willing to release my submitted work as CC-BY-SA”

supercow happy

Stories submitted for this competition must address a critical problem children or teens are facing, for example:

  • teenage pregnancy
  • underage drinking
  • drugs
  • suicide
  • domestic abuse
  • bullying
  • poverty
  • crime
  • disabilities
  • Anything else?

These are not easy topics to tackle but they are really important ones to help share connect and improve lives of troubled kids, sometimes people just need to know there is someone that cares. Winning entries will tell an important message.

What does one win? I’m working on this!! What do you think of the following:

Prize 1 – Free signed copy of a book from our site, a certificate indicating you won first prize, donation of 100$ to a literacy charity or #clearthelists school project.

Prize 2 – Free signed copy of a book from our site, a certificate indicating you won second prize, donation of 50$ to a literacy charity or #clearthelists school project.

Prize 3 – Free signed copy of a book from our site, a certificate indicating you won third prize,

Prizes for all accepted submissions – author promotion, featured in the book, free promotion of your work and site

Competition deadline, I’m going to let the competition run until we get 10 winning entries. We will post a comment when we get to around 75% to let you know the deadline is getting closer so that you can still apply to make it into the first ever Teen Soloutions book.






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