Fun Games That Will Actually Improve Your Teen’s Writing Skills

When your kids learn to write from an early age, they develop deep-rooted writing skills by the time they are teenagers. Most of the reputable writers today learned how to write when they were in their early grades. Your kids might get easily bored if you give them paragraphs to write or passages to construct.  

Since kids love games, you can use what they love to help them develop strong writing skills. The choice of games you make means a lot to your kids’ learning speed. These fun games will help your kid to improve their writing skills. 

Rollin the dice

The focus here is to help your kid learn to write by creating funny stories using dice. The dice help them estimate the number of words they need for each turn. 

Materials: One dicepencilpaper

Instructions: Instruct your child to choose a character (for example, a dog), a setting (for example, the park), and a problem (for example, a ball). Create a sentence using the three sets – dog, park, ball. For example – The dog is in the park looking for the ball.

Let your child start rolling the dice, and whenever the dice stops, they pick the number displayed. The number shows the number of words the kid will add to their story. Let them add their words, and then you pick your turn. Go about five rounds to finish your story, then read it out aloud. 

When kids are growing up, games form part of their lives, and that’s how they learn to do things. When they join the school, games stop, which in a big way, affects their learning curve. When well developed, they can be a useful educational tool for promoting the development of writing skills for learners. As students grow and advance in education, games can become a hindrance to completing assignments. In this situation, AssignmentBro can help with its professional writing assistance. They are assignment professionals with many years of experience who can pitch in anytime students need.

Writing a grocery list

The instructions for the game are for kids to write as many grocery items as possible. You may arrange for this game on the day you will be doing your grocery shopping or the previous day. 

Take a pencil and paper and go to the kitchen with your kids. They can check the fridge, freezer, and every other place where your groceries are stored. Let them identify what is missing and write it down, including the quantities. You may assist them in identifying the items required at the moment. It will help them know the names of groceries and how to spell them. Once the list is ready, head to the grocery store and shop. 

Writing a sales advertisement

This activity will help your kids learn how to create a short, attractive story. Pick something that your kids love, such as candy or ice cream. You may let the kids choose their preferred item to make it more fun. Once they have their favorite item in their hand, let them write a story that will help sell the item. The ad they write should look attractive to catch the attention of customers. Even if they write one or two sentences, it will help them build creativity. 

Building a story

This activity will help promote your kid’s thinking ability. The strategy is for you to start a story and then let them build upon it. Since you want to promote their writing skills, the story-building activity will not be oral but written. 

Prepare pens for each child and one sheet of paper for writing the story. You are the one who will open the story by writing the first sentence. The next child will write the next sentence and pass the paper to the next child to continue with the third sentence. If the story is supposed to be ten sentences, keep the paper going around, and one child writes one sentence until you get all the ten sentences. Read out the complete story aloud and let everyone participate in judging if it is coherent. 


Kids can learn writing skills fast if their learning process is full of fun. There are many fun games that they can engage in and learn to construct sentences, words, paragraphs, and complete stories. These are fun games such as rolling the dice, writing the grocery list, and building a story. You should learn together with your kids to guide them into what should be done and to correct them whenever necessary. 


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