God and my Pencil

By: Agnes and Salem de Bezenac


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  • Rax Baligod writes:
    Hi! Thank you so much for sharing your ebooks for free. I just want to let you know that when I was trying to download this particular ebook what’s coming out is the “God and My Chair” ebook. Can please check on this? Thank you very much once again.
    Editor: Hi, thanks so much for letting me know, and so sorry, it was my mistake, finger trouble, It’s now fixed, so I hope you can now enjoy the right book.

    Sgt ask st ch writes:
    It a good book and I love God more than everything

    Shenelle writes:
    this book was interesting

    Laurie writes:
    This is a wonderful way to teach a 2 yr old the importance of Jesus!

    Ilya writes:
    This is very nice book. It’s so important to talk to children about Jesus’ love.

    Saanvi Singh writes:
    Wow,this sure is a book god should read. Since it’s nearly all about god!


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