Great Things to Try with Children at Home for Learning Enrichment

The school holidays are in, which means plenty of parents have now the wonderful task of keeping their children entertained for the following couple of weeks. This can be extremely challenging for everyone involved, especially as we still face certain lockdown measures and restrictions. 

So, if you are still taking extra precautions or staying in the house and your surrounding area as much as possible, we have a couple of suggestions to help enrich their time off school.  

Make a Volcano

You will be hard-pressed to find a kid that does not want to make their own volcano. That is just a fact. Not only can this teach them some of the basics of science, but it is also extremely fun. You can either build your own with some simple kitchen ingredients or buy a kit that will give you everything you need to create the exciting rupture. 

Try Food Tasting 

It will come as no surprise to many parents that children can be really fussy eaters, but the best way to overcome this type of obstacle is to try many different foods with them, presented as a fun game or challenge. You can even do a reward round such as using and tasting luxury chocolates from, which is definitely a great little treat for yourself too. 

Get Out in The Garden

The garden is a great place for learning and relaxing, and not to forget getting fresh air too!
There are some really simple plants you can grow with children that will give them a fulfilling learning experience while allowing them to watch something that they have planted come to life.

If the weather is less than to be desired, there are many little indoor plants such as herbs that work really well and require minimal input and monitoring. Ask your children which herbs they would like to try and set up a little space in the kitchen for your project. For the little ones who are particularly impatient, cress is not only one of the easiest salads to grow, but it is also very speedy to watch too!

Get Creative with Boxes

Thanks to the necessary online delivery services we have all had to really take advantage of, most of us have enough boxes to build a fort- Which is exactly what you should do!
Engage your child’s imagination by allowing them to create something out of the simplest things you can find around the house, and watch their ideas come to life!
This is not only an inexpensive afternoon but encouraging children to create can help strengthen their brain development and keep them engaged.

Final Words

Whatever you try, the bottom line is that you are spending quality time with your children, away from easy entertainment such as screens, and this can help build the bond up between you while enriching your children’s (and even your) learning. Plus, not many children are going to say no to tasting chocolates!

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