H2 Math Tuition: How to Get a Good Score

Math can be quite intimidating for many students. College students are familiar with A-levels math. However, when faced with H2 math problems, they often fail to capture its complex nature. This is because the level of H2 math is higher than the A-levels math students are accustomed to. 

 In fact, a lot of students even fail in their first year. As a result, students tend to reach out for tuition to get good scores. In this article, we have gathered the best options available for H2 math tuition and helped you choose the best one for yourself.  

Tuition Options for H2 Math

Nowadays tuition is a booming business, and varieties of options are available. Therefore, it is pretty easy to get the best one for you according to your budget and preferences. You can choose from either group or private tuition. 

Group Tuition

As the name suggests, group tuition consists of several students, from 4 to 35 students per group. These tuitions are comparatively less expensive and many students can learn together. The good side of this is you get to learn not only from your tutor but from the mistakes made by you and other students. 

You can also solve problems from their perspectives. Besides, having a group of students studying around you creates an environment where you will also be encouraged to study. This will prevent you from getting bored and pay more attention to your study. 

However, the drawback of group tuition is that the teacher cannot give undivided attention to a student. So if you are having issues with your study, your teacher will be unable to understand and move forward. So there are possibilities of you falling behind. For this reason, if you are taking group tuition, make sure you always ask for help with issues if you face one. 

Private Tuitions

Private tuitions offer one-on-one tuition. So you get undivided attention from your teacher. This will be completely customized for you. The teacher will help you with the topic as long as your concept is not clear. However, this can be quite expensive. A lot of people add one or two more students to a group so that the cost gets divided and becomes lower. 

Online or Offline

You can choose between online and offline sessions. Both have their benefits.

Many students feel that offline classes, especially if they are attending group tuitions, are more effective than online classes. This is because when there are a lot of students online, you can easily get lost and fail to grasp information. Students also tend to lose attention after a while in online classes. However, if you are taking private lessons online, this might not be a problem for you. You get to practice at the comfort of your home as well as save time and money. 

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Things to Look Before Choosing a Teacher

Your teacher is the key to your good score. If you have a mentor who is very serious and pays keen attention to your problems, you will find yourself progressing. If your teacher, on the other hand, is not an expert or their methods aren’t that effective, you may not get much help. So what are the factors that you should look for while choosing a teacher?


Is your teacher specialized in H2 math? Know about their credentials and education qualifications. A student who has recently passed with a very good grade in this particular subject can also help you greatly. While a teacher who has a Ph.D. in Biology might not be able to guide you properly.


An experienced teacher knows the possible and most common problems that students face. They know which chapters are the hardest and guide you accordingly. An inexperienced teacher has to start everything from scratch. So it is important to know what the teacher’s success rate is and how many students they have tutored in the past.

Teaching Methods

Different teachers follow different methods and materials. Some methods may be more understandable for you while others can be hard to grasp. H2 maths tuitions require intensive practice lessons along with tutorials. So your teacher should not only have efficient teaching methods but also the latest teaching materials. 


Speaking with the parents who have previous experience with the particular teacher you are interested in will help you to know about the teacher. You can also check both the students’ and parents’ testimonials. After all, you need to have a teacher who has strong morals. As a parent, you can also help a lot!

How Much Do You Need to Spend?

As mentioned earlier, H2 tuitions have a variety of price ranges. If you get a recently graduated student as a tutor, the cost would be much lower than one who has a long teaching experience. Below is a table that summarizes the cost of tuition based on the teacher’s expertise and how much time they are providing.

Teaching Experience  Part-time tutor Full-time tutor Schoolteacher
JC1 $45-$55/hr $55-$70/hr $90-$110/hr
JC2 $50-$60/hr $60-$80/hr $100-$130/hr


Another factor to remember is that H2 Math classes normally range between 1.5 to 2 hours, so increase the hourly rates twofold. Guardians in Singapore pay an average of $500 each month for their kids’ educational costs, and employing a private guide for JC H2 Math is likely to surpass the monthly financial plan.


Wrapping It Up

Whether you go for group or private tuition, or an online or offline one, the most important thing is the teacher. If you find yourself struggling even after taking tuition classes, you probably haven’t found the right one for you. So don’t give up, get a good teacher who is compatible with you, and keep practicing!

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