Henry – The Goose Who Got To Love

In a sentence, it’s Ugly Duckling meets Puff the Magic Dragon and Toy Story, all hitching a ride on Old Man and the Sea’s boat, captained by Dr. Phil and a fortune cookie, sailing an emotional sea healing a badly broken heart, while in the process instilling a smidge of closure to anyone who’s ever been forced to give away a cherished family pet.

A touching story of hope, perseverance, forgiveness, optimism and love:

* Hope — teaching us no matter what disability we happen to be born with; we can overcome and triumph in the end.

* Perseverance — teaching us no matter how vicious and cruel the persecution and heartless unkind words during our youth; we will survive.

* Forgiveness — teaching us the power of forgiveness; giving us a hint of closure to the guilt many still carry from giving away their childhood pet.

* Optimism — teaching us no matter how dire life becomes; it’s still our own perception of our life which makes it truly good or bad.

* Love — teaching us the journey through life surely won’t be easy; but love truly conquers all.

An emotionally moving tale surrounding the power of forgiveness and love. A fictional account of a true story, told through the eyes of a childhood pet who’s forgiven his best friend owner for growing up and giving him away; ’cause if not for him he’d have forfeited the greatest treasure in life — love — not just the happiness in being loved, most importantly the joy in giving love to someone else.

Henry graciously hosts you on his epic emotional journey to forgiveness and not careful you may actually catch yourself contemplating complex emotional advice from a goose who believes cars are scary metal monsters controlled by his best friend’s magical powers.

The story swirls both happy and sad, inspiring and depressing, hope and despair all into one neat little package; relating life as it truly is without any candy shell — really, really happy and really, really sad. This may be one of the saddest happy stories you’ll ever read!

Sample Text from Henry – The Goose Who Got To Love

It all happened in the summer of ’76. My life would never be the same. I’m really old now and will be dying soon. I just wanted to share my story with someone…

To understand better, I must tell you a little about myself. I haven’t had a very good life. I was born into and grew up in a very large flock, with 53 brothers and sisters over all the seasons my parents were alive. Let me tell you, growing up was not easy, it was tough. My parents did the best they could with a flock that size, it was never really good enough though. There was never enough food in our pond to go around. Many days I’d be left to fend for myself, without even a smidgen of algae or plants. There were many a night I thought would be my last, yet longing to see that beautiful ball of fire coming up in the morning over the grassy hill next to our pond would usually grant me the courage to pull through. Everything would be better the next day, I’d keep telling myself. This would make me feel much better, even though I knew it wasn’t really true.

We lived in a small pond, situated off in the corner of a medium sized park. Our pond was really quite small, the bank on the opposite side was easily visible from almost anywhere in the pond. From the air, our pond looked rather unique, almost like one of my brother’s and sister’s feet. The pond originated in the center of our park, more or less, expanding out towards the far corner of the park in several directions, as if it had claws with a toe nail on each end. Each of the claws extended for quite a ways into the corner of the park—like miniature creeks. A few of these creeks would wind around for quite some distance, making them rather difficult to see from the pond. I was particularly fond of these few creeks, since they gave me a way to escape from the other geese and people in the park. They were like my own little world of solace where I could hide and nobody could see me. I’d spend a majority of my time in the creek toward the left side. You can think of it as my brother’s big toe, if that makes it any easier to visualize.

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