How Can You Make Your Library More Kid-Friendly?

If you have a library in your home, those with children must make it as kid-friendly as possible. This can encourage them to become readers themselves and make reading an exciting and relaxing activity without having to force it. Follow this guide if you want to find new ways of making your library open and accessible to all your family members.

Have Shelving at Their Height

Children might feel daunted if the shelving in the library is not at their level, especially the shelving containing their own books. They might not want to ask an adult to help them to get the books they want all the time, particularly if others in the house are generally busy. This can prevent them from reading at all. Also, if the shelving is at the wrong height, kids might feel as if books are off-limits to them and not for them. You should instead create some shelves that they can reach. You might even consider gifting them their own bookshelf, which they can use however they want to.

Display Children’s Books

Instead of hiding the kids’ books that you own away because they do not suit your library’s aesthetic, you should ensure that they are front and centre in your displays. This can grab your children’s interest and attention and help them find the books they want to read. Displaying kids’ books in an exciting manner can make them look interesting and can instantly engage your kids, especially if you put little ornaments and other trinkets around these books to symbolise the contents. This can make your children feel seen and can put value on the books that they love and their own passion for reading.

Invest in Bean Bags

You should also consider investing in bean bags for your children to enjoy. Seating for adults can be uncomfortable for children. Bean bags, though, can be extremely relaxing, cosy, and fun for the children in your house and can encourage them to spend a long time reading each day without getting fidgety. Bean bags can also be easy for kids to get into and out of on their own. Not only this, but bean bags can be easy to clean and replace when they get dirty, as many companies sell bean bag covers for when the current cover is looking the worse for wear.

Paint in Bright Colours

You should also consider painting the library in bright colours that can entice children and inspire them. For example, you might choose yellows, blues, green, and pink and create a theme for your library, such as the sea or the jungle. You should also consider using wall stickers and murals to make the room (and reading) feel more adventurous. Consider adding children’s wall art that they will adore; some parents also find prints and illustrations from their kids’ favourite books to constantly remind them of the stories they love. If you put illustrations up from books you love too, then this could demonstrate your shared love of reading.

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