How to Raise Happy, Confident Children

Children can struggle with various problems as they grow older, such as peer pressure, social media exposure, heartbreak, and body image issues. As a parent, you will want to protect your child from self-esteem problems to ensure they feel happy in their skin.

By doing so, they are more likely to have confidence in their opinions, tackle new challenges, and may flourish academically. To prevent self-doubt and insecurities from arising, read the following tips on how to raise happy, confident children. 

Praise Hard Work and Effort

Many parents make the mistake of praising a child for a fantastic exam grade or a sporting achievement. However, rather than recognizing an outcome, you must praise their efforts. It will teach your son or daughter the importance of working hard and learning from mistakes. It will improve their self-esteem and give them the confidence to try again following failure.

Embrace New Activities

Embracing new activities can help your child overcome fears, discover a hidden talent, or find a passion. Most tweens and teenagers are afraid of failure or embarrassment, which is why their parents must push them outside their comfort zone.

Various activities could increase your child’s confidence and abilities, such as:

  • Volunteering
  • Playing a musical instrument
  • Learning a language
  • Mastering a new skill, such as DIY or baking

The more opportunities your child has during their youth, the more self-assured they will be throughout their teenage years and adulthood.

Allow Your Child to Express Their Personality

Many tweens like to play with their style, which can help them find their identity and grow in confidence. Your child’s clothing will allow them to express their personality to the world and become more self-assured.

You can help your child tap into their tastes by encouraging them to embrace their desired style. You can help your son or daughter do so by ordering a monthly clothing subscription box that offers personalized kids outfits to match a personality.

Build Up Their Self-Worth

Social media likes and peer perception can determine a young person’s self-worth. Unfortunately, if they aren’t a part of the popular crowd in school or don’t receive much Instagram or TikTok engagement, they might question who they are and struggle with low confidence.

For these reasons, you must ensure they never base their self-worth on superficial environments or other people’s comments or insecurities. Emphasize the importance of good values and that it is better to be caring and kind over thin or popular.

Promote Positive Self-Talk

Your son or daughter’s mindset can influence their self-esteem. If your child tells themselves they are ugly each time they look in the mirror; they will start to believe it more with each passing day.

Teach your child the importance of positive self-talk and show them how they can reframe their mindset. For example, if they say, “I will fail a test because I’m stupid,” you must tell them to replace the negative thought with, “I’ll pass if I work harder and apply myself.” Positive self-talk can alter their mindset and improve their confidence into adulthood.

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