How to Tell If Your Kid is Getting Bullied

Bullying remains a big problem in schools even today and it can lead to devastating consequences. As a parent or a guardian, it is your responsibility to notice if your child is getting bullied and take appropriate actions to put a stop to it. Stay with us as we discuss how to tell if a child is getting bullied, as well as what you can do about it.

Is there a Marked Change in their Demeanor?

Teenagers tend to be moody for more reasons than one, but the behavioral signs are more distinguishable when someone gets bullied. It could be just one instance of a very harrowing hazing session, or they might be the target of constant harassment. The resulting changes will vary in intensity, number, and type but the following behavioral elements are commonly seen in victims of bullying:

  • Notable changes in eating and sleeping habits.
  • Uncharacteristic timidity, quietness, and general unwillingness to communicate.
  • Sudden bouts of unusual, explosive overreaction.
  • Being jumpy (anxiousness).
  • Loss of interest in preferred activities and uncharacteristic inclination towards social isolation.
  • Loss of interest in their education, often accompanied by sudden and sharp decline in their grades.

Are You Ignoring Mild Complaints?

It may come as a surprise to many, but a shocking number of parents tend to ignore the early signs of bullying, even when their kid first complains about it. Don’t tell them to ignore the bullies because in most cases, that does not work. Instead, listen to what they have to say and if it sounds like consistent harassment of any kind, contact the school and ask them to take action.

Note that bullies can be quite innovative these days and most parents don’t hear about it from the victimized kids in time. If you are lucky enough to be told about it, don’t let them lose their faith in you. If the institution fails to take any effective action, don’t worry. The US has enforced several new antiharassment laws in recent years that you can and should take advantage of.

Both past and present victims of bullying can file police complaints and criminal lawsuits against the responsible party/parties. To know everything that you need to know about the legal options you have against bullying, hazing, intimidation, or harassment of any kind, visit


Kids can get injured for different reasons and they may not have anything to do with bullying. However, there are ways to tell if an injury might be a result of physical assault. First and foremost, a sports wound or an accidental wound is not something that kids are generally shy about. If you find them trying to hide the injuries or if they avoid talking about it, there is cause for concern.

Make it clear that you need to know how they got injured and listen carefully. If it sounds made up, that is a bad sign, and you should investigate further to know the truth. Even if the physical damage is mild, take them to a physician for additional information. Doctors are able to tell the physical signs of abuse and assault from those caused by accidents in most cases.

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