How to Write a Book Review for Kids

Book reviews are a great way for readers to understand what the book will be about. A book review may be used to attract the readers’ attention. After reading it, they will decide if the book is worth reading on the whole. You may often need to write a book review when you study in college or university.

Writing a book review may be challenging because it needs great writing skills. Your language should be persuasive and individual. You need to interest people and let them know the book is exciting. Who can write a book review for me like an expert? If you need a professional book review, you can address an online writing service e.g. WriteMyPaperHub to have your book reports written from scratch.

Step for Writing a Book Review for Kids

But what about writing a book review for kids? Kids are people who do not like the official language. When writing such a book review, you will need to engage the children. They should be interested and see vivid pictures. So, what are the most important points to consider when writing a kids’ book review?

1. Choose an interesting book

You will not be able to write a good book review if the book isn’t interesting for you. Choose the one you like and start making a plan. You should believe in what you are saying to attract your readers. Then create an outline of your book review.

First, find out the most important points in the book. Consider its chapters or storyline and their topic. Details are also important in your plan. You will need them to make your review special. After you have created the plan, start writing. You will expand each point and provide engaging details 

2. Mind the formatting

Remember that in a book review, there is no stable formatting. You should only state the author’s name and the title of the book in the beginning. You may also state other book details when you start writing. Yet, when you write a book review for kids, it is different. You need to format the paper so that it is vivid and attractive. The kids should see that the book will entertain them. You may add pictures or bright titles. This will create an atmosphere of joy and happiness.

You should also remember who you are writing for. Boys and girls are different at this age. They have their preferences and dislikes. So, the style of your writing and the format should differ. For girls, you should create a light flowering atmosphere with bright pictures. Boys will mostly enjoy a story with a lot of adventure. They will like cool animals or superheroes. Even if the book is not about it, you should keep the style.

Your book review should also reflect the genre of the book. Apart from formatting depending on kids, you should format the review based on the genre. If it is a detective story, write the review in mysterious language. This will make people read the book to learn the end. You can write an engaging beginning and make the ending a mystery.

3. Create an outline

It is impossible to write a well-structured book review without an outline. In your outline, you should put the most important points of the book. You will create a structure for your review in advance. So, later, all the points will come one after another. You will show your opinion and present clear reasons. The text should be interconnected and concise. Remember to present the main idea of the book.

4. Present details

You should also describe your feelings about the book. Describe the events and characters and then present your opinion. Talk about what you liked and what you did not like in the book. Describe the pictures and characters in a bright way. Present the best events and characters in the book. Talk about which of them are not so good.

5. Create an engaging title

The title is what your readers will see first. They will decide whether to read the book review based on the title. So, it is important to interest kids at once with the title. It should be short and attract kids’ attention to the plot. You can include a controversial statement in the beginning. People will want to discuss it or read your arguments. Another option is not to end the title. Kids will need to read the end of the review. You can also create a question title. So, your readers will see the answer only at the end of your review.

6. Mind your language

Kids should understand what you are writing. For this purpose, your language should be simple and engaging. Do not include unknown terms or difficult notions. Children will not read a review if it is written in a scholarly style. What you need is modern and attractive writing. Add bright pictures and colorful backgrounds for your review.

Apart from that, you may state some information interesting for parents. In some cases, kids do not read book reviews. They can ask their parents to read them. So, the parents will decide whether to buy the book or not. You should consider this when you are writing the book review. You should use simple and short sentences. This will not confuse your young readers and their parents.


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