Khan Academy – K12 Maths Resources Online

These Khan Academy mathematics resources are separated into grade 1 to grade 8 then high-school maths is separated into subjects.

Each subject has topic lessons that include videos, sometimes reinforced with articles, and lots of practice exercises, at the end there’s a test section to check your knowledge.

When students login there is progress tracking available, perfect for monitoring by teachers, parents, or tutors for school, home school, or extra tutoring.

Khan Academy provides these OER resources for improving education standards worldwide.

Sample Page from Khan Academy Online Maths K-12

Here are the links to each grade level and subject open maths resource provided:

Khan Academy Maths Grade 1 to Grade 8

Khan Academy Pre-K Maths

Khan Academy Kindergarten Maths

Khan Academy Grade 1 Maths Online

Khan Academy Grade 2 Maths Online

Khan Academy Grade 3 Maths Online

Khan Academy Grade 4 Maths Online

Khan Academy Grade 5 Maths Online

Khan Academy Grade 6 Maths Online

Khan Academy Grade 7 Maths Online

Khan Academy Grade 8 Maths Online

Khan Academy High School Mathematics Topics and Maths by Subject:

Khan Academy Statistics and Probability 

Khan Academy Algebra (All Content)

Khan Academy Geometry (All Content)

Khan Academy Calculus 1

Khan Academy Calculus 2

These are just a sample of the resources, there are many more subjects available at


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