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FKB Make a Difference ProjectThe FKB Make a Difference association is a non-profit group started by Free Kids Books dedicated to creating important new CC-BY-SA and OER material to share.

Authors, illustrators, teachers, students- WE NEED YOU!

Help give back, create material for a cause, and have your work read by and help millions of kids worldwide.

We aim to create material that demonstrates an important cause or call to action, or contributes to OER creative commons material for school use. We also aim to raise funds for literacy, education, or child welfare groups.

Project 1 – K12 Free School Textbooks Project

In this project we aim to either collate or create as many helpful K12 resources as possible, to share in creative commons. Progress in this project, that is all the collated resources, are shared on our School Textbooks page where you can see free open education resources for Grades K to 12.

K12 Free School Textbooks Project

Project 2 – Books For A Cause

This project aims to create books that support and create awareness for important causes, for example, climate change, endangered species, child welfare and many others.

FKB Books for a cause Endangered species series

Project #3 Free Hardcopy Books For Kids

This project is in fact the first one started by Free Kids Books, and will now be taken over by the FKB Make a Difference non-profit. FKB will sponsor hard copies to those that need them.The FKB Hard copies project has now given away it’s first 300 books to children who need them, and we hopw many more. See more about this project here:

FKB Free Hardcopies Project

People and Organisation Who We Support or Who Support Us, and/or Who We Work With:


Projects with children’s books

storyweaver pratham    

OER Projects:

CK-12 Foundation Open Textbooks Flexbooks  

Projects and non-profits that support education and child welfare who we support:

project kajuma education for refugees

Key donor organisations, funds, and sponsors in the education sector who we support:

Join or Volunteer?

If you wish to become a volunteer or contributor to FKB Make A Difference, join us by either:

  • emailing me  danielle “at” redskyventures “dot” org with the subject “Volunteer”, or
  • Connect with me via FKB social media on the right sidebar or
  • See the application on our Facebook page and .-
  • Join the mailing list below


See more links to FKB Make a Difference campaign below:

Volunteers Group:
FKB Make a Difference in Twitter: Use the hashtag #FKBMakeaDifference
FKB OER Resources Page: (under construction)
FKB Volunteer Resources Page: (under construction)

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FKB Make a Difference is a non-profit, and as such we do accept donations and can provide you with a reciept for tax deductions. Payments are available via worldremit, paypal, payoneer, or transfer worldwide, or via one of our fund-raising pages (links coming soon), email me if you want to be a sponsor, and we will feature you as a donor in the list above. As a sponsor you also have access to the Free Kids Books blog and social media pages for sharing and posting your venture (i.e promotion of your primary cause, business, or books).

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Quick Links to FKB Make a Difference Images and Downloads

Please help us share this project to help more children and adults with free education and literacy.

FKB Make a Difference OER Identifier End Page pdf 

Here’s some images that can be used from this site, please feel free to copy and share! If you want the original (large size), feel free to message/email me.

made with creative commonsgrateful



Editable Templates:

FKB Simple document template odt (open document format) –

FKB Classic Fairytale template odt (open document format) –

FKB Learn Sightwords Life Lessons printable template odg (open document drawing format) –*

Note – we’ve left the text of a story in these files as an example for the layout, just select and delete to create a new story.

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